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Monthly Archive August, 2020

New Finds – XXVII

This will be another rushed addition, but these rushed additions have been making it a good year for this series. The posts are written in a hurry, including fewer bands, possibly less information about each, and with the picks being selected with far less care, often after listening to only a handful of songs, or […]

Reading Again and Running After Rain

Saturday I started reading The Count of Monte Cristo and now I’m just shy of a third of the way through, on pace to finish it in less than three weeks, so I hope I’ll manage that and at least remain two books behind this year. I still believe I read it before, at my […]

New Finds – XXVI

I had a quick post on an entirely different topic in mind for today, but that not only deserves but actually requires much more time and attention, not to mention skill, while I might just get away with it when it comes to another addition to this series. So I continued to search for bands […]

A Good Run, Mouse Definitely Double Clicking and More Walking

Monday I got up at 12:29 PM and went out at 2:22 PM, which is a time that looks interesting enough to list so exactly. The first idea was to finally get that detergent from Penny, this being the first time I’d buy anything from there, and after also having a look in a Mega […]

Bad Run, Long Walk, Carrying and Not Finding Cakes

Struggling to write a personal post Sunday evening in order to have a second one this week is something I’m certainly trying to avoid, but here I am. It also means I won’t be napping this evening, and with dad starting to cook at 1 PM, if not a bit earlier, today, I woke up […]