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Monthly Archive September, 2020


What would be left to say after 15 years? Even if the first necessary miracle would somehow happen someday, it’d take a second for things to go even acceptably well after that and a third for that to mean regaining what I lost and still need, what we had, with her also feeling that this […]

Statistics Marking Five More Years

Even if it’s quite a pain to put together something like this and as of this year it’s that much worse, considering the limited time I spend on-line, this post is meant to be like the one from five years ago, being far more thorough than normal and marking the end of a “cycle”, after […]

Still No Measures as the Situation Continues to Worsen Before the Local Elections

I was saying that, with indoor restaurants and theaters opening at the start of the month, at a time when a new lockdown would have in fact been appropriate, those records for confirmed daily cases and, far more importantly, daily deaths and patients in intensive care were going to be beaten soon enough. So I […]

Just Purchases, Loose Shoelaces and Biscuits

Keep going to bed late, of course, the only time when it wasn’t after 5:15 AM during this period being Monday morning, “compensated” by the fact that Tuesday morning it was even 5:25 AM, despite checking next to none of the usual stuff on-line that night, since I only started eating at 3:15 AM and […]

Under 3:25? Try Just Under 3:45… And Walking a Good 10% of the Distance…

Forgot to mention in the previous personal post that, when I meant to get myself some watermelon after last Thursday’s run and purchases, I “managed” to spill a lot of its juice on myself, and the slipper much of it ended up on is still sticky. Since it was overripe, we had placed it upside […]