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Monthly Archive December, 2020

Quick Review: Oathbringer

The handwriting on the illustrations in the mass market paperback edition is still hard to read, and page margins also sometimes make it hard to see the beginning or end of lines. And, while Shallan’s sections still shine, the book’s first part includes more of what I call human filth and is rather dull despite […]

The Vaccine Will Help, Sure… But It’ll Help Big Pharma More

With most EU countries starting vaccinations today, I had to write this. Don’t expect conspiracy theories or a rant against vaccines in general, though I will repeat one thing I keep saying when the topic comes up, which is that vaccines tend to make people ever more reliant on them, reducing natural resistance to disease […]

Cat Food and a Poor Run

Monday I was woken up at 11:40 AM by the SMS from Auchan, announcing that the order for that cat food was ready, so after getting back under the blanket for just a couple more minutes, I got up. Only left at 1:55 PM though, taking the recyclables, including those things I drop off at […]

Oathbringer, Volunteering, Long Walks and Helping a Guy

After having a nasty taste in my mouth for a while, last Sunday I woke up with a headache at one point. It seemed to have gone away by the time I woke up again and got up, but then in the evening I felt rather off in general, and something seemed odd at my […]

Very Long Walks to "Pay" With PET Bottles – I

It’s a good thing I managed to build a tiny buffer and can add a few personal posts in a row again, because it seems to be the only way to get two posts this week, and that’s because I managed to write about November 18 and 19 earlier and can post this bit now. […]