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Monthly Archive January, 2021

Review: Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker

With this expansion consisting of three entirely separate modules, I’ll review each of them separately, tackling them in turn here but also keeping the MobyGames review format in mind, to be able to relatively easily make the necessary changes and post there as well. One thing I need to make a note of, however, is […]

Browsers, Games and an Awful Run

Since I have nowhere else to put this, I’ll start by mentioning that there were no visits recorded again on January 13 and 18. But, to get to the beginning of the period covered by this post, though I meant to wait until I’ll switch the associations before doing it, I ended up switching to […]

Very Long Walks to "Pay" With PET Bottles – III

To finally continue from where I left off, on November 23 I woke up when the alarm rang, at 11:30 AM, feeling better, and left with dad at 1:05 PM, since he went with me that day and therefore drove there. We had 60 bottles with us, since the 20 I had were wine and […]

Quick Review: Syberia II

The Syberia recap is a nice thing to have, but I’d say it was the better game, with a better setting and atmosphere. Alexei’s book is a pretty nice touch though. In general, the graphics, being in the same style, still hold up well, characters seem to look and move better, though I’d say Kate […]

Quick Review: The House of Wael

It again feels rather like cheating to count this as a book I read, being so short, but more important is the fact that it’s not meant to be read on its own. It’s written in an odd style, intentionally confusing, hard to follow, lacking background information and constantly broken up by all those notes […]