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Monthly Archive March, 2021

Smashing the Squats Record and Getting Through Two Weeks in Isolation with Dad

One more messed up thing I didn’t mention in the previous personal post is that at one point dad apparently called someone else over and gave him his cards and PINs and asked him to withdraw money and bring it over, when my cousin had already brought some before we legally had to isolate and […]

Worldview in a Paragraph for Avaaz…

Throwing this here to have a quick first post of the week, to free the slot for the personal one that’s coming, so I won’t have to actually write something about the new measures being enacted here as the health system is again being crushed by the increase in cases, and mainly in severe cases, […]

Dad Testing Positive and Being Even More Infuriating While We’re Stuck in Isolation

Not that it was still needed except for bureaucratic reasons, but Monday dad was finally notified of his positive PCR test result. This was just about two weeks after I became aware that he was coughing again, on March 2, and started looking for any symptoms I may have, as I already mentioned, and a […]

New Finds – XXXI

This post really is just thrown here to have a non-personal first one of the week in order to free a slot for what will end up being another Sunday update, and probably an incomplete one at that, but I do have three bands to post, starting with the one that, in the previous post […]

Just Another Awful Run, Not Getting to the Main Issue Yet…

There’s a lot more to say, but in order to just have something written by midnight and post it with the time of the file, since I even checked twice from here, not going out of my room to look, and saw that dad was still connected, I’ll stick to today, when I went for […]