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Monthly Archive April, 2021

Finished Venetica, Received and Started Bound by Flame… Leaving Runs for Another Post

Sunday night I had another late lunch, finishing just a little before going to the kitchen at 1 AM, and then after taking time to read a newspaper there again, started eating dinner at 3 AM. And then I sent a comment about an article about the German Greens on The Guardian, since the article […]

Record Daily Deaths and Some Good Measures

It was coming for a while, and today it finally happened: The new record number of COVID-19 deaths reported in one day in Romania now stands at 237, smashing that previous value of 213, reported on December 8. Yes, it’s on a Tuesday, when the numbers tend to be higher because they reflect the tests […]

Purchases, Money Issues, Healing Ribs and a Worrying Mole

I’ll start this with the first hours of last Monday, so with that Sunday night, when the computer continued the usual pattern of repeating the change of time a week after the proper date and set it forward by another hour a little after 3 AM. And since I got to my room and started […]

New Finds – XXXIII

Don’t need another non-personal post just now anymore, but do need a first post of the week, to give myself some more time to write the personal one, and another addition to this series is still the easiest solution I can come up with, especially when I do have an actual new find to start […]

A Million Confirmed Cases, 25000 Deaths, Hospitals Overwhelmed…

This afternoon’s report marked two milestones for Romania, the totals reaching over one million confirmed COVID-19 cases and over 25000 deaths, the exact numbers provided being 1002865 and, respectively, 25006. The number of confirmed daily cases has been dropping lately, however, even though the number of tests remains pretty much the same, and Bucharest seems […]