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Monthly Archive April, 2021

New Finds – XXXII

This will be another quick post in this series, and it’ll start with a band I never thought I was going to include in one: Evanescence. They’re obviously not a new find, as I must have heard of them around the same time I first heard of Nightwish, and they’re better known than them as […]

Rib, Crash and Being Proud of a Bad Time

Last Saturday I did get that lower end of the usual amount for myself after all, so I should be able to save a bit more than planned, since the concerns I mentioned at the end of the previous personal post had made me assume a very restricted budget when I planned my purchases. On […]

New Measures, Missing Measures and Maybe a Call to Action

Last week I was saying that I was putting off a post about the new measures being taken here, and the idea was to post it once the infection rate in Bucharest will exceed the new highest threshold, 7.5, and the measures which currently apply Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as it happens when the infection […]