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Monthly Archive May, 2021

Three Runs and a Negative Antibody Test

This will be another long post, covering a period starting on the evening of May 9, when I started reading Capital in the Twenty-First Century. And I also finished it during this period, on May 23, though I only wrote the English quick review the following evening, then made a few minor changes and also […]

Quick Review: Capital in the Twenty-First Century

On a recommendation, this likely marks the start of a year or so of non-fiction, translated too, and it was far easier to read and less infuriating than I thought. Current Leftist views of economics are necessary, the first part explains well and the facts and figures and explanations, as well as some of the […]

Eurovision 2021 – II

Since it got too late and I couldn’t manage to write the comments about the top ten entries in my classification in the previous post, I’m adding them now. I guess adding comments about each of the songs would more properly justify making a separate post, but that’s not going to happen, and the rather […]

Eurovision 2021 – I

At least this year we had a competition again, albeit with recordings used for Australia and Iceland, and also for Duncan Laurence’s interval act, these last two because of positive test results. The level of the performances was relatively low, however, definitely lower than those entered in what should have been last year’s competition, a […]

Can We Dismiss the Mirage That the Mainstream Can Ever Solve the Environmental Crisis?

John Kerry’s statement that half of the necessary emissions cuts will come from unspecified technological fixes that are yet to be invented and people won’t need to change their way of life to cut emissions should put to rest any hopes so many had that the solution for the environmental crisis, or for any other […]