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Monthly Archive June, 2021

Dream Trek Summer Edition 2021

In the previous personal post, I skipped ahead as we started running, a few minutes after the scheduled time of 9:03 PM, at sunset. We did that directly, with no warm up, since it was raining and we were already running late. The rain soon eased, however, and with everyone bar me and one other […]

Feedback for the Next Windows? All Right…

Now that the event supposedly announcing what’s next for Windows is approaching, I decided to check AskWoody again and saw a post asking for feedback for Windows 11… Which feedback is pointless to offer, of course, being pretty much the usual list of requests that Microsoft doesn’t care about, but on that site there may […]

Before and After Dream Trek Summer Edition 2021

Yes, I did take part in Dream Trek Summer Edition 2021 today, but I won’t manage to also write about it now, yet obviously need a second post this week, so in order to avoid completely wasting this post, I’ll write about what happened before the start and after the end of the run, starting […]

Catching Up on Runs Before Dream Trek Summer Edition 2021

On June 3 I got up when the alarm rang, at 2 PM, but I had been dreaming crazy things since dad left, which he said was supposed to be at 11 AM, though I didn’t get up then to check. Thought I hadn’t even slept during that time, but I obviously had to sleep […]

Review: Venetica

Got interested in Venetica since I read the review in the March 2010 issue of what was at the time the last remaining gaming magazine from here, which I had just bought because it came with Gothic 3… Which I’m actually yet to play. Back to Venetica, it was only in October of 2019 that […]