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Monthly Archive April, 2022

The Fifth GOG.com Community Giveaway Starts… In a Badly Ailing Community

I need another quick non-personal post and did mention the bad news about the end of the fourth incarnation of The GOG.com Community Giveaway, so I might as well also mention the good news about the start of the fifth incarnation, now called The GOGmmunity Monthly Giveaway. The new manager isn’t Doc0075, as he backed […]

Remaining Odds and Ends from March

On March 7 I left a little after 9:50 AM, with dad’s large backpack, a great sale on cat litter making me want to go early. So I was at Kaufland just after 10:15 AM and, after seeing that there was no danger of them running out of the cat litter right away, I looked […]

Wrongly Approached Earth Day 2022 Theme and Noteworthy IEA Reports

It seems that this year Earth Day is flying rather under the radar, but that’s neither surprising nor, in this particular case and in my view, that much of a problem. Of course, in general, every day should be Earth Day and marking one specific date in the calendar for this purpose shouldn’t make much […]

A Best and a Second Best: Sudden, Unexpected Peak Form… Likely too Soon…

Leaving the earlier odds and ends that I still haven’t written about aside, I’ll start this post with March 28, when I got up when the alarm rang, at 2 PM, and stuck to the idea of running, since the forecast wasn’t going to allow it during the following few days, despite still being exhausted […]

Ukraine Does More Than Merely Last 50 Full Days, But Needs Bolder Support

We are now on day 51 of a war that Ukraine was at first widely expected to lose within a week or so and they didn’t merely manage to prevent Russia from capturing Kyiv and installing its own puppet government, but actually forced Russian troops to withdraw from that entire region, instead concentrating on the […]