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Monthly Archive May, 2022

Remaining Odds and Ends from April and the Start of May

On April 11, I got up when the alarm rang, at 12:30 PM, and left a little after 2:10 PM, taking the recyclables, which I dropped off in a bin on the way. I had to get somewhere by 3 PM, in order to hand over a form required to make an on-line account, as […]

Quick Review: What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

It‘s an enjoyable and quick read, but you do need to know what to expect. Randall likes taking things to extremes, the answers often leading to scenarios that range from deadly to depicting widespread devastation or even the destruction of the Earth, while at the same time making a point of not taking many things […]

Bucharest Half Marathon 2022: Below 1:45 as Official Time!

As I was saying, I’ll start this post with May 5, when I picked up my race kit… But first struggled for quite a while to find a way to fit the dishes and cutlery I was going to donate into dad’s large backpack, also cleaned my old running shoes a little and took those […]

My Comment on "The Observer View on Reforming the Restrictions on GM Foods"

Since Sunday I happened to see the opinion piece praising the planned easing of the restrictions on gene editing farm animals and plants in the United Kingdom posted on The Guardian, or more exactly on The Observer, before the comments were closed, I ended up writing a pretty lengthy comment… Which was promptly removed. I […]

Eurovision 2022

I definitely hope that things will improve soon, because I was saying that last year’s edition was quite poor and now I find myself needing to say the same about this year’s. Admittedly, it can be said that I didn’t pay close enough attention to the semifinals, since I watched the first and part of […]