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Monthly Archive May, 2022

The Last Run Before Bucharest Half Marathon 2022 and the Following Day

Leaving the remaining odds and ends from April for another time, I’ll start this post with the early hours of May 3, when I made the tea for the morning and then ate dinner, which also included some of the new peanut butter, between 1 AM and 1:55 AM, and went to bed at 3:50 […]

Are There Any Sports Moving Towards Endurance?

Since I’m getting ready for the half marathon and need a quick post, it’s probably a good time to mention a question which has been on my mind recently: Are there any sports that are moving towards endurance? Because all I’ve been seeing for quite a number of years is this infuriating move towards shorter, […]

We See Trump’s Terrible Legacy, But It Could Have Been So Much Worse

Biden’s “we had a horrible plague, followed by two years of Covid” quip and the current revelations about one major element of Trump’s legacy seeming about to make its effects felt in a terrible way made me spare more than a passing thought to how much of a relief it is that Trump isn’t still […]

Four More Runs in Peak Form, Including Another Personal Best… Or Two?

I’ll start this post with the early hours of April 14, so with the night before the run I only mentioned before, when I was feeling rather off, getting weaker and at one point, while making dinner, even shaking noticeably, despite having had lunch in the evening. And despite boiling the carrots while making that […]