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Monthly Archive June, 2022

Before and After Dream Trek Summer Edition 2022

Seeing as I have five earlier runs to write about first, plus that I clearly wouldn’t have the time to write about it today, I’ll leave the part about the actual run for another time, but I will write about the rest of these two days, what came before and after this summer’s Dream Trek, […]

Quick Review: Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future

Some parts from the beginning are good enough, spelling out that Capitalism needs to be replaced urgently and not by going back to other failed systems like Socialism, but by coming up with a new one, making full use of humanity’s level of development, technology and knowledge. However, anyone looking for a vision of a […]

The Rest of May, Minus an Order That’s Likely Abandoned for Now

Since I changed my mind about editing the previous personal post in order to add these parts there, I’ll start this one right after getting back after the run on May 16, when I ate what I could still use out of a banana brought by dad and finished the peanuts that were left, then […]

Putin’s Terrible But the Worse Enemies Are Here

If this wouldn’t have been the pattern all along, and if he wouldn’t have been such a firm supporter of the status quo and of the big players who profit from it at the expense of everyone and everything else all along, propped up solely by good PR and the fact that the notable alternatives […]

To Get to "Only" Five Runs I’m Yet to Write About…

Maybe I should have skipped the week after the half marathon, especially after achieving the result I wanted, but I nevertheless decided to run on May 11. That was in part because my mother wanted to come then, which was obviously infuriating, since dad was away that week and she meant to not only reduce […]