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Monthly Archive July, 2022

The System Benefits from Things Getting Ever Worse for Ever More People

The plan for today was the usual one for Sunday, write as much as I can of a personal update, post it just before midnight and then edit it in order to add the rest over the coming days. But I doubt I’ll have time to add much of anything Monday or Tuesday and, whether […]

Earth Overshoot Day 2022

It’s somewhat strange that I only wrote about Earth Overshoot Day once, back in 2016. Not that it’s a particularly important event in itself, and in fact it continues to make the situation appear less desperate than it actually is, the project’s authors remaining guilty of quite an optimism bias and the results being far […]

Dream Trek Summer Edition 2022

As I was saying, sunset was at 9:04 PM, but we started running at 9:11 PM and a television crew was with us for about half of that short eastern first leg, stopping in a couple of places and filming us as we ran past. Or maybe it was a little more than half, since […]

The EU Finally Asks for Reduced Gas Use… In the Wrong Ways

Even though only two weeks ago the European Union was giving such a nice gift to Russia, and to various other countries and corporations that gain profits, power and influence by destroying the world, by labeling gas as “green”, it now seems that enough officials have finally realized the extent of the Russian threat well […]

Quick Review: The Tower of Fools

Not counting the prologue, which mainly consisted of a list of names that I couldn’t keep track of, the first few chapters were quite a joy to read, with good writing and humor. However, after a while it became a matter of pushing through, at least until chapter 25, which was when the author seemed […]