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Monthly Archive October, 2022

Whenever We’ll Stop Changing the Clock, I Hope We’ll Stay at the Summer Time…

If last year it was pretty much the only reason why I went to bed at all before the marathon, the clock going back is proving quite useful for me for the second year in a row, this time because it provides me both the topic for this week’s second post and the time to […]

Quick Review: The Cold Commands

After The Steel Remains, I expected to struggle through The Cold Commands, but I’m glad to say that it’s so much better. It’s still harsh, uncompromising, pulling no punches, but the author is no longer trying too hard, neither to shock nor to go through some third grade creative writing checklist. The characters are much […]

Before Bucharest Marathon 2022

I’ll start this post with October 6, when I left just before 4:15 PM, taking the metro to Izvor and getting the race kit and t-shirt quickly and without problems. However, if back in spring I was particularly pleased with the contents of the kit, now I was rather disappointed, even wondering whether everything had […]

Romania’s Consumer Protection Authority Bans Nutri-Score Labels

Our National Consumer Protection Authority (ANPC) has been complaining about Nutri-Score labels for the past couple of years, but now they went one step, or more exactly one leap, further and actually banned them! A law that would have made such labels mandatory was submitted earlier this year, but in June it was rejected by […]

New Tuner and Appliances, Seeing Doctor and Mother, Finishing King of Dragon Pass

Yes, I turned 38 yesterday, but that doesn’t really matter. What’s more relevant for this post is that I wandered around both yesterday and today, so while it should include the remaining odds and ends up to and including September 3, what I managed to post before midnight stopped with August 27. I should have […]