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Monthly Archive December, 2022

Quick Review: The Crystal Keep

Despite being published after it, The Crystal Keep takes place before Grim Work and some reviews also state that it’s better to start with it, so I did. Not that I expected much, in fact just having a quick look through what was available for free, searching for something that I could read quickly and […]

The Runs from the First Half of November

Just before getting to bed on the morning of November 4, I sliced the last bread that was still unsliced for dad and wanted to put it in the freezer, but it was hard to make it fit and, while trying to make room, a bag with some of mine fell and tore, one part […]

Review: The Stuff Fairy Tales Are Made Of

I’m quite sure that this is the first time I play a game made in RPG Maker VX Ace, and in fact I think that I never played any made in any version other than 2000 before, which is also the one that I used when I tried to make a game, way back. I […]

Helping to Make Packages Again, Still Only on One Day

I had forgotten to check, but Monday I received an e-mail from Declic asking for volunteers to help that other NGO make packages again, in the same location. The first day was Tuesday, but after going out on Monday and coming back with 21 kg, albeit using the metro, it didn’t seem like a good […]

Quick Review: The Blacktongue Thief

A lot of thought and effort was obviously put into this book, and into the world, many elements being presented in great detail, including a few that aren’t commonly “customized” as part of fantasy worldbuilding. This gives the impression that the series should have a truly epic scale, and the complications, if I may use […]