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Monthly Archive March, 2023

January’s Remaining Runs, Including My 250th of Ten Kilometers

After starting it on January 10 and finishing it on January 12, in the early hours of January 13 I wrote and posted the quick review for Grim Work. Then I made a salad that contained just baked beets, a little green onion and a bit of lemon, since I didn’t have anything else that […]

Earth Hour 2023

It seems that it’s been ten years since I last wrote a post specifically for Earth Hour, and back then I was turning everything off during that hour, while last year I didn’t even actually observe it. But last year I’d say that I did something better, or at least made up for it, since […]

Planting Trees with Little Effort at Manastirea

The fact that yesterday’s tree planting event seemed at the time to be the only one that I’ll attend this spring made how it actually went even more disappointing, but I was there and did, in fact, plant quite a lot of trees, so I’ll write about it now, starting with the early hours of […]

The ICC’s Arrest Warrant for Putin Remains a Nice Surprise Despite Not Meaning Much

I definitely didn’t expect The International Criminal Court to issue an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin before, or without, Russia’s defeat, so this was quite a nice surprise despite not really meaning much when Russia doesn’t recognize the ICC and Putin isn’t likely to travel to any of the states that signed the Rome Statute… […]

December 30 and Early January

I was agitated on the morning of December 30, stressing about the day, so I had already woken up even before that, but after waking up at 8:40 AM or so and getting up to pee a few minutes later, there was no way to get back to sleep, since at 8:50 AM dad woke […]