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Monthly Archive April, 2023

The Remaining Odds and Ends from February

I wrote about the morning of February 10 in the post about the cold, so I’ll start this post with what wasn’t included in that one and say that I got up a few minutes after 3 PM, even did the day’s squats, and when it was almost 5:15 PM I went out, taking some […]

Quick Review: Fire and Blood

The comparison with The Silmarillion isn’t wrong or presumptuous, and in fact I’d say that the difference is that Fire and Blood is actually intended to be read instead of mentally “decompressed”. It may be a piece of the history of a fictional world, but it seems as “real” as it could possibly be. It […]

A Breakdown and Catching Up on Runs Before the Series of Three in Five Days

I still can’t get myself to write about the reason, but just to show how messed up I am, I’ll start this post with last evening. Dad had said that he should be back around 8-9 PM, so I waited, not eating earlier, in case he’ll end up bringing something again, but when it got […]

New Finds – XLVIII

It definitely feels wrong to write about something else on Earth Day, but considering all the greenwashing it’s being used for and how that’s even encouraged by the year’s theme, which is in fact, and very suspiciously, the same as last year’s and proves that the “official” part of the movement is rushing in the […]

The Remaining Odds and Ends from January

To start with the early hours of January 11, I meant to play Broken Sword just a little more before going to the kitchen and lost track of time, so it was almost 1:20 AM when I went there, and I had things to clean after dad had cooked, and I also moved what was […]