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Monthly Archive May, 2023

A Bad Morning Practice Run and Bookfest

In the early hours of May 10, I went to the kitchen earlier and hoped to be able to start eating dinner at 2 AM, but it was 2:15 AM when I did, after also talking a little to dad and then forgetting to make the tea while working on the salad or slicing bread […]

Warning: HonestGamers Is and Likely Has Been Harvested for Passwords!

I guess I won’t remove the links from my previous post, but it should be easy to understand why I won’t include any in this one, since the point is that it seems to be shockingly easy to inject code on HonestGamers and harvest passwords from anyone who views it while logged on. It’s sad […]

Switching to HonestGamers and a Poor Series of Three Runs in Five Days

I’ll start this post with a piece of personal news: From now on, my game reviews will be on HonestGamers. Last year’s change of ownership is a reason for concern, even if the founder is still very much involved and says that the new owner is a friend and things shouldn’t change much, but I […]

New Finds – XLIX

Since there were two other bands that I meant to include in the previous post in this series, before ending up making it about bands from Estonia, I’ll start this one with them. And since it’s another rushed one, as usual, the third band will also be picked from those that I ended up checking […]

Eurovision 2023

What I can say about this year’s edition is that there was no question about the best act and that the two semi-finals differed greatly in quality, with the second one being pretty hard to watch. But the final turned out well enough, at least as far as I could tell, since I watched it […]