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Monthly Archive August, 2023

Quick Review: The Whitestar Queen

I randomly picked this up for free at some point, but it’s not even worth that, because there’s still the cost of the time wasted reading it, in case you actually do. As such, its one saving grace is that the page count seems wrong, because it only took me about an hour to read […]

India Lands on the Moon, Russia Crashes

It’s interesting that, back when I wrote about the failure of Phobos-Grunt, the post was also actually prompted by another space agency’s success, even if the two were further apart in time. Those were both launches, not landings, and the success was NASA‘s, not ISRO‘s, but the fact remains and once again makes Russia’s failure […]

New Finds – XLI

An actual new find made me want to add another post in this series, especially since it’s another Ukrainian band that seems to have existed for quite a number of years but which was only getting ready to actually release something when the war changed everything, yet now they’re somehow getting back to it. And, […]

Odds and Ends from the Last Third of March and the First Third of April

On March 24, I first woke up at 8 AM, when the computer did the daily backup, and after a while I went to pee and dad was still awake and said that my grandmother was in a bad shape. Then, at 10:05 AM, the store called about the kitchen scale I had ordered, after […]

The Three Regular Runs After Dream Trek Summer Edition 2023

On June 30, I got up when the alarm rang, at 2 PM, and had the usual stuff… It seems that I didn’t write down what I had as the sweet thing, however, so I almost certainly added honey on whatever it was, but whether that was a slice of cozonac, a large doughnut brought […]