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Monthly Archive March, 2024

A Glimmer of Hope for Voyager 1, Still Hardly Any for the Future

I found something about a study about the best route for a spacecraft intended to leave the heliosphere while looking for space exploration news, and this reminded me of the serious problems that have been preventing Voyager 1 from returning any usable data for quite some time, and which may well lead to the end […]

Taking the New Camera for the First Time at a Tree Planting Event

After all of the effort made this week and with a tree planting event today, my plan for yesterday was to cook something, eat, and then get back in bed. But I also had to at least put my whites in the washing machine, since I had already skipped changing my undershirt and t-shirt, so […]

Kasai Extends Records and Peter Prevc Retires in Glory as His Sister Wins

Eight years ago, I was writing about Noriaki Kasai and Peter Prevc at the end of the Ski Jumping World Cup season… And now I’m doing it again, even if Kasai’s position didn’t allow him to compete today and Peter Prevc only finished sixth, so it could be said that Friday’s competition was more relevant, […]

An Outstanding First Sector and Two Poor Runs, Plus Washing Machine Problems

In the salad made in the early hours of March 4, I once again used a regular onion, this time not even one that was starting to sprout, since I yet again didn’t have green onions. And I started eating dinner at 3:15 AM, but still managed to finish at 3:40 AM. Then I got […]

New Finds – LVIII

While this may well be one of the most rushed posts from this series, it’s one that really deserves the title, because the first band, Mystfall, is the only one that I didn’t stumble into this evening, but a couple of weeks ago, when the video for Silence was posted. So that’s my first pick […]