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The Elder Scrolls Online – Another Early Trailer of the Year? Also, Beta Access!

If you haven’t already, have a look at the latest trailer for Elder Scrolls Online and then try to imagine what will it take to top that this year. I for one keep wondering whether certain scenes, particularly those that show faces, are actually filmed, because if that’s entirely CGI then actors really have to fear for their future.
Back to the game itself, as you can see at the end of the trailer, you can now sign up for the closed beta if you are interested, though you shouldn’t also expect to be selected, considering the huge number of applications. In time, especially for the last month before the actual release, they may let in everyone, or at least nearly everyone, and let them actually play the game, but initially they say they’re looking for experienced beta testers to participate in very focused test sessions, lasting only a few hours and dealing with very specific issues, starting from simply creating a character and logging on and then moving on to specific areas, specific quests, the use of specific skills or basic guild interactions.

Perhaps rather strangely, with the obvious exception of the non-disclosure agreement that won’t even let me say whether I’ll be accepted or not without their approval, that sounds rather interesting to me, so I signed up, even if that required me to install Chrome again for it, since they only announced solving the problem that made the process not work for so many otherwise today. The game itself doesn’t have much of an appeal for me, due to reasons ranging from the basic fact that it’s an MMO, to its focus on player-versus-player combat, which I won’t engage in, to the associated costs, but the fact that I tend to be so thorough and nitpick so much means that I seem to be reasonably good at such tests, if I’m in the right mood for it, so why not give it a shot?


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