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Another Earth Hour

As every year, I’ll observe Earth Hour as fully as possible this evening as well, by turning off and unplugging everything in my room, seeing as I always keep the lights off unless absolutely needed. In fact, this year I’ll probably have the computer off for more than an hour, seeing as I once again only got a few hours of sleep this morning and tomorrow I’ll be waking up early again in order to watch the race, so I’m going to take a nap after turning it off and turn it back on when I’ll wake up. Not that there is much to this event, of course, being more of a publicity stunt and a way for people and, very importantly, authorities to feel better about themselves without actually making any lasting changes than anything else, but for the time being I am able to take part and I do, simply as a symbolic gesture meant to show support for actions meant to help the environment even if they require humans to make some sacrifices.
Seeing as the problem is not that we use electricity, but the way in which it’s still usually generated, likely how much of it we use and, at times, what we use it for, it’d obviously be far better if it’d be changed to a day dedicated to energy efficiency and independence and green energy, but I guess we make do with this for now. Whether it’s a day or an hour, however, instead of turning everything off, it’d be interesting to see, for example, major users switched to completely renewable energy, demonstrations of devices and machines that use extremely little electricity without sacrificing too much performance, or even whatever the electricity-related counterpart of little stunts like this billboard that turns the moisture in the air into drinking water would be, seeing as that made the news yesterday, on World Water Day. That way, this event would actually help in creating the change we wish to see.


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