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Another Lightning Strike and Our Constitution

I do believe that I’ll end up writing two personal posts this week, unless something really kicks me into action, so let’s just assume I already went over the part where I feel sorry for myself and say I can’t get anything done and keep this short and to the point, shall we?

There was a brief storm Saturday evening and that resulted in dad’s LAN port apparently getting burned out. There were probably only five or six lightning strikes, the first three or four seemed a safe distance away and the one that seemed too close for comfort was followed too quickly by the damaging one for me to react. When I noticed only a couple of seconds between lightning and thunder, I meant to unplug the “in” cable from the switch, but I was writing the previous post at the time and wanted to at least finish the sentence I was in the middle of at that particular moment and the next, and last, strike came before I could do that. The storm simply died out after that, but the damage was done.
It didn’t seem nearly as bad as it was some three years ago and apparently no other equipment was affected, as I still had Internet access, my computer didn’t register anything and, while the LEDs on the switch acted somewhat oddly until I reset it, no other ports got burned out. However, dad’s computer turned off, obviously to protect the other components, and the LAN chipset was no longer seen by the system after it was turned back on. Thankfully, everything else seems to be in order, at least for the time being, and we already had a LAN card lying around since he wrongly thought that something similar had happened to his old computer, quite a few years ago, so I could simply put that in and fix the issue, and also use the opportunity to install my old IDE HDD in there too, so he’ll have a backup now as well.

On an entirely different note, since our government is determined to change the Constitution and people may offer their input until, I believe, May 15, I kept thinking that I should do something somewhat more official than just occasionally rant to one or two people about how I’d want it to be changed and send a rough overview of some of the proposals to a member of the Parliament that I follow and who asked for such suggestions when the public consultations started. Since I didn’t so far and now the deadline is quickly approaching, if I’m not wrong about it and it even passed already, it seems quite unlikely that I’ll manage, but I said we should assume that I already went over the part where I say I can’t get anything done, right?
I did already send a proposal to change article 35, which has to do with the environment, to an NGO that asked for such proposals for “a greener Constitution” until May 8 in order to send them in an aggregate and properly edited form by the deadline, so it can’t be said that I didn’t do anything, but now I’m working through the rest and find it about as disheartening as I thought it’d be, which is why I didn’t do it earlier. Still, I should at least manage to go through the parts not covered by that overview I had sent before to that member of the Parliament, and seeing as that had to do with political and administrative matters and the changes listed there were pretty much the exact opposite of what the government wants, submitting proper proposals for them will likely serve no purpose anyway. Of course, none of it is likely to serve any purpose, but getting involved should be a requirement for obtaining the right to complain of the outcome, right?


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