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After Seven in a Row

Had no less than seven non-personal posts in a row written over the past few weeks, which may well be a record, and the last of them was the review for Blades of Heaven, which took me “only” one full month to get to work on, so I’m feeling pretty at ease about adding a quick personal one now despite knowing that I’ll start next week with some blog statistics. What will follow after that, I don’t know at the moment, but even if I’ll end up with three or four personal posts in a row after these seven non-personal ones, it’ll still be a good thing when you add it all up.
Unfortunately, the same definitely can’t be said about my writing otherwise, as that’s still going absolutely nowhere and I barely manage to add a few lines of pointless shit each day. But at least I’m still stubborn enough to keep doing that, and in some way I’m still looking forward to that final scene of this first part, which was clearly fixed into my mind well before I even started writing anything. Of course, once I’ll get there I’ll need to go back and fix all the mess to make it suck slightly less, which I don’t have the skills for in the least, so that’s a very good reason to dread the moment at least as much, and likely far more, than I’m looking forward to it.

But the far more immediate concern is tomorrow’s People’s Climate March, which over here is, as expected, a bit of a mess, with a few different events and the main group, who took on the task of organizing the march for Bucharest, first spreading fliers asking people to gather at 5 PM, then changing the time to 4:30 PM but saying we need to be “flexible” and have other plans as well in case too few will show up for a march to have much of a point. The clear schedule posted now lists two hours reserved for various activities such as artistic workshops, debates, a play and a possibly informational exhibition, before the march itself is set to start at 6:30 PM.
Well, I don’t think most of these things should take place on the day of the march, and the few I do agree have a point should most probably happen after, when everyone will gather in University Square, not before. As such, for once I’m going to calmly watch the race, set my clock to what became known as the Romanian protester’s time zone and arrive at least one hour late. It’s not what I initially meant to do, especially since not watching a Formula 1 race to attend a protest that’s largely against the continued use of fossil fuels would be a protest in itself, but I don’t care to sit around there for two hours with a little storm cloud over my head, so I’m going to cut that time roughly in half and do both.
I still need to make my sign, however, and the problem is that I’m not even sure how yet, since I wanted to try something slightly different from what I did for previous protests and, after running a few different ideas through my mind, I still don’t know what I’ll actually do. I guess there’s also the option of going without one, but if I will take it, I’ll definitely need to figure this out and make it tonight, because there clearly won’t be any time for it tomorrow.

I guess that’s pretty much what I had to say right now, but before ending this I’m also going to point out an epic video. Posted on the first day of 2013, but I only got around to checking Sindrannaras’ channel again a few days ago, so it’s new to me. It also seems to unfortunately be the last one he made with full video, after the two made together with DragonstarDT before, and that’s a bit of a pity considering the epic game trailers that have appeared since then and which could provide a fair amount of material for another one. Can’t blame him for not feeling it’s worth the time though, assuming he’d even have it to spare anymore, since he says he put well over 100 hours into making this one and at the time I’m writing this it has just 79790 views and 1148 likes, after a year and nearly nine months…


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