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Autumn’s Here and It Sucks

Slightly late, but we can now say that autumn arrived here as of yesterday. It’s cloudy, rainy, somewhat windy and chilly, and tomorrow it’ll be downright cold, with the high being reported as 5°C and an estimated wind chill factor of five to seven degrees. Temperatures should get back to what would be normal for this time of year during the second half of next week, but that’s still quite chilly and ten to 15°C less than we had until recently, so it’s still a shock despite actually being what should normally happen at the end of October.
Can’t stand this sort of weather. Raining or threatening to rain quite steadily at length, not the relatively brief storms that I quite like to watch as long as I’m safe inside and don’t need to be on-line right then, to be able to unplug the cable for safety reasons, and obviously also no snow, as that I’d definitely like to watch and even go outside in. Also cold enough to make me miserable, but not enough to switch to, shall we say, “winter mode”, putting on a sweater on top of the other clothes and so on. Thankfully, the city seems to have started providing heat, though these days they say they’re only testing, so let’s see how it goes and whether or not the other people living in this building will decide to turn it off until the end of the month, as they’re allowed to do if the majority approves, due to the bills.

Otherwise, the writing’s going terribly, having given up on pretty much anything other than struggling to keep adding at least 100 words per day, even if they make next to no sense and quite clearly add nothing to the story. Gave up the goal of at least 300 words per day over a year ago, then also gave up editing the finished sections several months ago, then also allowed the average words per day, calculated since I started writing daily, to drop below 250, also dropped tentative daily targets of 250, 200 and 150, then gave up even trying to come up with any sort of chapter or even section plan, and now I’m not even reading what I wrote a day or two before anymore, so what little I keep adding may well not even make sense when put alongside things that are on the same page. So the only thing left is to give up completely, but I guess I’m still too stubborn for that, for at least a little while longer, even if there’s absolutely no point or value left in it.

That said, writing pointless personal posts on here that have about as many words as I can add in my story in several days and also make more sense than it currently does feels like even more of a waste. There would have been other things to say, but none of them good, so I’ll leave it at this and see if I can be useful for others at least, as I volunteered to help with a translation and I’m waiting to see if I’m not overlapping with someone else. What this week’s second post will be, I don’t know at the moment, though I do have some forum posts saved and mean to make one out of them, the question being whether I’ll get around to it and, if so, when.


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