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First Run on Track and Computer Turning Seven

Friday I finally got around to running on the track the first time, also noticing that it’s not actually on the National Arena, but next to it. Had probably seen a picture or two which should have made that clear before, but it simply made no sense to me, so I just assumed the images were wrong or had been taken while the stadium was still under construction for some reason, and then I did the exact same thing when I looked it up again just before leaving, but fortunately it’s close to the street and before the main entrance leading to the stadium, as I walk there, so I saw it and realized the pictures weren’t wrong before getting myself in an awkward situation. Still walked to that main entrance first, but didn’t actually use it to enter, instead turning back and using the one before it, eventually finding the way to enter the track itself in between two buildings on that side.
Either way, I went there thinking I’ll do a minimum of five laps, as that’d mean two kilometers and Google Maps says my previous run had 1.9 kilometers. The main target, however, was eight laps, which would be equal to the 3.2 kilometers of a lap around the lake, which was the initial goal when I started seriously thinking of running, before knowing of the track being public again, while ten laps, or four kilometers, was sort of an upper limit, something I may try to get to if I’ll still feel all right after eight.
Well, I ran ten laps with no issues, in a total time of 25:25. The target was still three minutes per lap, as 8 km/h is supposedly the optimum running speed for maximum benefits, but I couldn’t get myself to slow down that much. In fact, I finished the first lap in 2:20, after which I said that’s too fast and did the rest in about 2:35, with a few in about 2:30 and one, when I was asked to get off the first lane and hadn’t yet adjusted my speed to the slightly longer distance I had to cover on lane two, in 2:40. It was actually oddly easy, since I was quite winded towards the end of the 1.9 kilometers covered in the park, but it may be a question of level difference even around the lake, different pavement and probably also the fact that I had to run against a quite strong wind at least the last third of the way that time while on the track it was alternating quickly, one straight placing me against the wind and the other with my back towards it.
The only small issue was that a few who were racing just about crashed into me at the end of a lap, just before that other person came to ask me to clear the first lane. It actually took me several seconds to understand what that was about, by which time I was some distance away from him, but at that moment I also understood why no other joggers were using that lane and that a simple rule that was generally being followed was that each runner picked a lane according to the speed they intended to have, with the first for racing, second for overtaking and otherwise perhaps decided according to whether there are more racers or more joggers, third for a moderate pace, fourth for slow jogging and fifth, which only exists on the start/finish straight, for walking, cooling off after a run. Judging by the pace of the others and the low number of racers, I could hold lane two with no problems after that, as I was passing everyone but those few who were clearly aiming for speed.
Now I guess I’ll be going back this week, though I’m not yet sure exactly when. Today would have been a good day, but it’ll have to be either tomorrow or Friday. Since tomorrow I should also go buy a few things, if I’m to use the track it’ll have to be after that, so unless I’ll go quite early, to be back by 3 PM or so, I’ll have to wait until 8 PM, since I understood that the track’s used for training and therefore closed to the public between 10 AM and 12:30 PM and between 5 PM and 7:30 PM. Based on that, Friday may be a better idea, but the current forecast mentions stronger wind, so I’ll probably decide on the spot tomorrow, possibly also depending on whether I’ll be able to go pick up Blood of Tyrants then as well or not.

Otherwise, today marks seven years since I built this computer. As I was pointing out a year ago as well, out of the components still in use, only the motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler, RAM, power supply and case are actually that old, with the video card turning six in two weeks, the DVD drive approaching four and the HDDs and case fans having turned only two in February. The TV tuner, of course, is about ten and a half and the most serious issue when it comes to my plans of ordering another computer in a few weeks, as I don’t know whether new motherboards still have an Aux or CD In port for its audio cable.
As for that, the plan is still to start asking around for details these days, though I’m still not sure whether I’ll send the first messages this week or wait until Monday, and hope to have that new computer in early May, or more specifically between May 4 and 7. The motherboard is still something of an issue, both for the reason I specified above, having to do with the TV tuner, and because I’m not sure whether it’s worth going for a better one or a cheap one that will just meet some basic requirements will be sufficient. And then, of course, there’s the matter of a legal OEM copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, which seems to appear in stock for no more than a few days every so often, and of a decent case that’s not black, too dark or some weird color or shape and actually has the frontal USB ports in front and not on top, and the only one which was available earlier this year and I had considered all right, and even that grudgingly, is now no longer available anywhere either.
Based on that, I really should start asking as soon as possible, because it may be quite late already, if I’m to stick to that schedule. But I sure am scared of the prospect, especially since I may end up out of options on two or even all three issues I mentioned above… And it also feels quite weird and embarrassing to get everything from one place and ask for it to be put together as well instead of doing it myself, but I guess it has to be done this way this time, though I’m not sure even this will work the way I want it to. In fact, things would be simpler, not to mention cheaper, if it won’t, and it won’t be any problem for me, but it will be one for dad and I’d sure want to solve two issues at once, especially since I can’t think of any other way to solve his.


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