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New Computer – 2015 Edition

Picked up the new computer today, so now I’m waiting for Rufus to check and set up bootable USB drives for HDD and RAM tests without installing Windows, which I don’t plan to do today. Then I assume those tests will take a very long time, so I’ll just switch the monitor and keyboard to it to start one, leave it running, switch back to the old computer and do something else, and repeat for each. Or I could just leave the keyboard on it and mess around here with just the mouse if possible, which I guess it should be after writing this.
Actually, after having a quick look inside, since I ordered the parts from a single shop and told them to put it together as well, I already switched the monitor to it once and tried to enter BIOS just to have a first look, only to be told to connect a boot device and reboot, the fact that I kept pressing Del not doing anything. So then I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del and heard the old computer do something, at which point I finally realized I hadn’t switched the keyboard as well, so I turned it off and switched the monitor back to this one to get the preparations started.

The configuration is as follows:
Motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty B85 Killer (Intel B85 chipset, Realtek ALC1150 audio chipset, Qualcomm Atheros Killer E2200 LAN chipset and a number of enhancements)
CPU: Intel Pentium G3440 (3.3 GHz dual-core, 3 Mb level 3 cache, Intel HD Graphics)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 4 Gb (2×2 Gb, DDR3, 1600 MHz, 9-9-9-24 latency)
PSU: Seasonic G Series 360 (360W, 80 Plus Gold)
Case: Cougar Volant White (includes 1 120 mm fan, has slots for 8 120 mm fans or 6 120 mm fans and 1 140 mm fan)
Also ordered and included was another 500 Gb Western Digital Black HDD, so identical to what I’m currently using as backup HDD, but after I’ll check it this will go on dad’s computer already, and I’ll move my existing HDDs, so that other Black and the 250 Gb VelociRaptor, which is the main one, to this new one.

Unfortunately, they said they couldn’t get another OEM copy of 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium, and the main reason why I ordered everything from a single shop and asked them to put it together as well was to be able to legally purchase that, to give dad my retail Ultimate for the time being while I’ll use the Home Premium myself, and then next year, when I hope I’ll be able to get a much better computer and pass the one purchased now on to him, we’ll switch back. But that wasn’t an option, so I’m sticking to the Ultimate and he stays with XP, and will have nothing legal next year.
They also couldn’t get me the Cougar Solution White, which had been my first pick for the case, even though both it and a copy of that edition of Windows were listed as available not long ago, albeit very briefly in case of the Windows. So I have to make do with a case with a definitely unpleasant amount of black on the front and an useless external HDD dock which will just gather dust, but it was the only available one that wasn’t completely or almost completely black or otherwise dark and had the frontal USB ports actually in front and not on top.

Yes, there’s no video card listed, and that’s not only because I didn’t order a new one but also because I only intend to play old games over the next year and don’t mean to put in my existing EVGA GeForce GTS 250 1 Gb, which I can’t link to directly because it doesn’t seem to be available on the EVGA site anymore, but which has a graphics clock running at 756 Mhz. Of course, if it somehow won’t handle things otherwise, it’s there, but it shouldn’t be needed, and then dad quite clearly won’t be using a dedicated video card, so it should also act as a test.


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