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Dentist, Run, Protest… Trying to Recover

This will be quick, so let me get right to it and say that the week started with going to the dentist, where she replaced that filling yet again, and scheduled me to go again this coming Wednesday because she found another tiny cavity on another tooth. The problem is that, same as last time, she drilled significantly more into the tooth before putting in the new filling, to the point that it now hurts somewhat to eat there. Also hurt while she was drilling, of course, and it means I lost most of this tooth even though the initial cavity it all started from was really tiny and no other appeared since then, instead it being completely the dentist’s fault for apparently being unable to find a way to make that particular filling stick and taking away more and more of my tooth each time for no medical reason whatsoever. Needless to say, I’m very unhappy about it, but at the same time quite confused, as I have other fillings that are still in place after eight years.

Either way, from there I went to buy a few things, and then in the evening I went for this week’s run, saying I’ll be content if it’s not the slowest so far… And being surprised when it somehow ended up being clearly the fastest, 21:53, 19 seconds better than the previous best time, despite even stopping for a few seconds to tie my shoelaces again after those from one shoe had come undone. And yes, the park was still crowded, implying a lot of weaving, slowing down or even briefly stopping, and I didn’t have anyone to chase.
There was a moment when somebody caught up with me, but he didn’t pass, only coming alongside me and staying there even when I was specifically trying to let him get ahead, then dropping back again until I pretty much had to stop when there was no room to pass other people while going under the bridge and he and two others I hadn’t noticed until then went past me by getting in the way of some cyclists coming from the opposite direction. After I caught up with and passed them again after clearing the people, they quickly dropped back and I didn’t notice them again, so I had a “running partner” for at most a fifth of the route, probably less; the rest of the way it was just me pacing myself, and I didn’t think I was doing so well, but then I saw the time and couldn’t quite believe it.
The problem is that, while I didn’t feel like I was pushing too hard while running, I definitely felt it pretty much as soon as I stopped and can’t say I recovered even now, as I still feel exhausted, my leg muscles are tired, still have a few cramps and my left hip keeps hurting. In other words, that was definitely too much and it’ll be bad if that time doesn’t remain the record on that route for quite a while, because I definitely shouldn’t push this hard again, even if the temperature is set to drop as of next week and I may be able to once again go when the park won’t be so crowded anymore.

As for the protest mentioned in the title, that took place yesterday, in front of the Danish Embassy in Bucharest, and it was part of the #StandUp250 series of events taking place around the world, asking Denmark to stop supporting the Faeroese whale slaughter and displaying support for the Sea Shepherd volunteers fined, arrested or already deported for interfering or even merely for not participating. I was actually wondering whether Remus Cernea will organize such an event, since it was obvious that nobody else would around here, and was glad to see that he did, even if it was scheduled to take place between 5:45 PM and 7:30 PM, so outside working hours. It was, after all, mainly an opportunity to take some pictures and post them in order to add to the international show of support for these efforts, though I heard that Remus does intend to file a formal statement as well, next week.
Walking all the way there and back obviously didn’t help with my recovery, and now my arms are tired as well due to holding up those banners, my left shoulder complaining the most after I held one up against a wall for as long as I could while we were still waiting for people to gather, so it’ll be more easily seen. Still, it was all right, and the 17 or 18 people who attended were actually more than expected, as small as the number may otherwise appear. And yes, I did take a few pictures, not from the beginning but eventually leaving my spot among the others to do so after somebody pointed out that I had a camera as well when Remus was saying that his, which had only been brought to him by his assistant after about one hour even though he was saying it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to reach his place, had some problems… And I also somehow managed not to look like a complete idiot in some of the pictures taken by him, even though that required a fair amount of conscious effort to control my face when I knew I was about to be in a shot, knowing that pretty much whenever I end up in a picture taken at a protest the way I look is terribly embarrassing.

And I guess this wasn’t quick after all, but that’s no news when it comes to personal matters. Still wish I could simply write like this when I actually mean to, in my story or in posts about non-personal issues, but the chances of that happening are slim to none and even what little I do occasionally manage to write is the result of significant effort and requires a whole lot of time. Worse, while I at least keep thinking of serious non-personal blog posts, I can’t even remember the last time my story had any place in my mind, what little I still add to it every day taking it absolutely nowhere and being nothing but the result of sheer stubbornness.


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