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With that trial period finishing, Sunday night I switched from ESET NOD32 Antivirus 8 to Emsisoft Anti-Malware 10, seeing as Emsisoft is one of the ones I’m actually considering sticking to and the previous trial was on the previous version. Then again, ESET is interesting as well due to the options offered, and seeing as the slow Internet access issue had nothing to do with it I can also say it caused me no problems during the trial, but it constantly lags behind the top products in tests, so I’m wary of actually sticking to it because of that. Plus, I was hoping to be able to test the new version during this period as well, and also see if the upgrade works well, but even though it was released in some languages around the time I started the trial, an upgrade for the English version wasn’t offered by the time it ended, so I’m still in the dark when it comes to the version I’d actually be using if I’d purchase it.
Then again, it appears that the first beta for version 11 of Emsisoft is already available and, based on that post, going in the wrong direction, so even this current trial may not be particularly relevant. It is, however, relevant in the sense that it already proves they mean to go that way, as I immediately noticed some things missing compared to the previous version, such as the fact that it no longer shows the files being downloaded and installed during updates, so users can no longer notice if something’s wrong and stop a potentially faulty update or easily troubleshoot update problems, or that it no longer allows the user to select what behaviors the behavioral protection should look for, or that the user can now only select to have files with a good reputation automatically get permissions instead of being able to select an actual threshold, the percentage of users reporting a file as good, required for that. Admittedly, this latter issue may be due to them changing how their reputation database works, but I’m not sure.

Otherwise, I seem to have ended up with a cold, as in going past the somewhat runny nose which is normal for me during the cold part of the year. Didn’t seem like it when I woke up yesterday, but took a few napkins with me when I went for this week’s run, just in case, and had to use two on the way back because it was like somebody turned on the faucet. After blowing it as much as I could when I got back, it seemed to get somewhat better, but in the evening I kept sneezing, nose got worse and worse, eyes also started to sting and were bloodshot and there was a bad feeling in my throat as well, and this continued until I ate at night, possibly also because I made sure it was warm in the kitchen.
After a surprisingly good sleep, so far it seems significantly better today, but the evening isn’t quite here yet, and that’s when colds tend to act up. Nose still feels rather odd and I’ll need to watch what went down my throat, so I’m already trying to spit some out if I can manage it, while otherwise there’s that overall weakness, or the feeling that I’ve been beaten, as it’s called around here at least. Not badly, but it’s there, and it may get worse before it’ll get better. But I don’t exactly need to do anything or go out again this week, so I can just try to take care and wait it out.

As for this week run, as I mentioned above, that was yesterday and the time was 20:52, with the intermediate times being 4:43, 10:00 and 16:09, respectively. That means I was once again quite fast on the first part, and those times would have been new records if not for what I did two weeks ago, when the whole purpose was to set new records at those two points. Still, that meant I slowed down later, but with the last three runs having times of 20:50, 20:55 and now 20:52, it seems I found a comfortable pace, though comfortable is not how I feel towards the end and, either way, it probably won’t last now that the temperature is said to drop sharply. Actually, it’s to drop sharply enough that, if it stays that way, this may even end up being the last run before spring. But we’ll see about that.


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