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New Network?

I’ll just post this quickly, because it seems that the network I was in was taken over by another. At least this time it seems to be another LAN, not one of the big corporations, but it once again happened completely silently, with no warning, and I just found out after checking the connection details after it recovered after being out for a short time, and not the first time today.
In fact, it was out for some 15 minutes last evening, and being Friday evening dad called them right away and found out that the guy we used to contact no longer works there. At that point, dad also said he saw new people when we went to pay earlier this month, which would have been a clear indicator that something big happened, but he somehow didn’t pay much attention to it. He also said he’ll go there today and see what’s going on, after I made him aware that something like that should be paid attention to and also that we need contact details of someone we can get to outside their regular business hours or when they have people in the field, fixing or diagnosing problems. He now said he didn’t go, however, so this will be left for Monday.
Currently the connection seems somewhat unstable, which is understandable, and sites on Romanian servers seem to have the bigger issues, but what I’m more concerned about when it comes to that is that the LEDs on my switch blink in an odd pattern. More exactly, they blink in ways which announced problems somewhere down the line before, so if this will stay like this I’ll be wondering how to figure out details about problems from now on, assuming we’ll stay here. But maybe it’s just something happening now, while they’re changing things.
Still, as I was saying, this seems to be another LAN, with the main headquarters relatively nearby, but the financial information I found says they’re not doing well, always having losses, their income dropping sharply in 2012 and then continuing to slide down since, and those numbers saying they have no more than several dozen clients. Which was probably the case for the old network as well, at least lately, after recent problems caused some to leave, so if those couldn’t continue like that, how can these not only continue, but also buy them?
Of course, this means a new IP, which again caused me some problems, but I’m hoping it’s at least still a fixed one, because I need that. And I’m also wondering what the new parameters will be and what other terms apply, and of course I want to know who’s now handling the information and what guarantees they offer, both technical and in terms of privacy and all the other obvious concerns when it comes to important and sensitive parts of one’s life, especially considering all these data retention laws that keep being passed and all the other rotten moves made by governments and certain corporations.


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