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Another Rushed Personal Update in Between Protests

After last week’s tragedy, massive protests began as soon as the three days of mourning declared nationally ended. I didn’t take part in the first, since it was only calling for resignations, but did attend the next ones. Admittedly, only wandered around for about an hour on the second evening, as after the protesters quite surprisingly got the resignations they called for they were left without any common goal and the result was a mass of tens of thousands of people who didn’t exactly know why they were there, many actually being unable to answer that question and those who could having extremely diverse and often conflicting demands, some of them absolutely terrible. Things did improve slightly on the third day thanks largely to the efforts of those who can still be said to make up the United We Save Community and a few others who rallied to the same cause, but then last evening was once again a mess, in part because and in part despite the best efforts of the same people.
But I should actually write a post about that when I’ll get around to it. If I’ll get around to it. Either way, this shouldn’t be about that, but just a very quick personal update posted before leaving again, largely just to have a second post this week. Was thinking of starting that larger post now, continuing after I’ll get back this evening and hope to finish it tomorrow before leaving, but that hardly seemed likely, so this will have to do. If during the first days three years ago I was managing to participate every day, write “protest reports” and also somehow add at least 300 words per day in my story, now I’m barely managing to add a couple of sentences in my story in the last few minutes before going to bed and just about nothing else, so I definitely wouldn’t have managed something like that. After all, after that push during those first couple of weeks I never recovered in the least in terms of writing, and not only that, so it’s not even a question of how much I could afford to push again before crashing just as hard.

Still, at least I managed to run this week as well, and it marked the fourth week in a row with times between 20:50 and 20:55, as now it was 20:54. The intermediate times were 4:42, 10:12 and 16:16, respectively, so getting worse at the second and third points, but that was actually done on purpose, as I wanted to see what will happen if I’ll take it just a tiny bit easier then and try to push more towards the end, but as you can see the result was the same. Still don’t know how much I’ll be able to continue, seeing as the temperature is dropping these days, but it was fine then and it should actually be even warmer next week, so if I don’t miss the better days I may just manage to keep it up until the end of the month… As long as I’ll also manage to avoid any serious colds, which will get harder now because of the protests.


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