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Finished A Dance with Dragons, Replaced Shoes and Got a Third Pizza

As it should already be obvious, since that’s when I posted the quick review, I actually managed to finish A Dance with Dragons on Sunday. My eyes didn’t like that all that much and I was having trouble focusing for the last couple of days, and also for some time after I finished, but they have since recovered as well. And I must say I did enjoy the experience of once again reading so much, for quite a few hours per day for more than a few days in a row, and feeling transported into a different world that’s presented in such detail. Which, of course, makes it disappointing that I doubt I’ll be able to do that again in the near future.

Moving on to this week, I finally caught up with the running schedule once again, since I was one week behind and ran both Monday and yesterday. Monday I actually ran with only a t-shirt on, the training shirt being tied around my waist since it was warm enough for that, and the time was 21:08, with intermediate times of 4:45, 10:08 and 16:27, respectively. Yesterday, on the other hand, it was rather chilly, cloudy and windy, so I actually ran the first third or so of the route with even my jacket on, which I don’t think I ever did before, and on top of dealing with the rather powerful gusts I had to struggle to breathe, my nostrils getting stuck together. In fact, I almost stopped after the first sector, since I couldn’t breathe anymore, but eventually took a few breaths through my mouth while I stuck a finger up my nose to hold my right nostril open, as that seemed to be the worse problem, and managed to continue. Had to repeat that process a few times, and struggle to breathe in a particular way the rest of the time, but I eventually managed to complete the route. Understandably, the time was a poor 22:03, with intermediate times of 4:39, 10:26 and 17:03, respectively.

But before yesterday’s run I had also noticed that the insole of my right running shoe wasn’t staying properly in its place anymore either, after the left one kept sliding back for months. So, after putting it off for all this time, once I got back I shoved the shoes in a bag, gathered what recyclables there were to drop off on the way, and went to the store I got them from to see how their two-year warranty works… And ended up with a new pair right away, as I was told that they can’t give me back the money, though I had never asked for that, and to pick up something else instead.
I was quite confused at first, since I expected things to go the same way they go when you drop off some electronics that fail under warranty, as in having them keep them for a while and send back either the repaired product or a new one as replacement when they’re done with it, but that’s apparently not how things work here, which was nice. There were only two pairs of the same type of shoe in my size left and, with the exception of the insoles, the one I got may actually look worse than the old ones did, the fact that discount season started a month ago meaning that whatever’s left has been tried on quite a number of times and may be left for a reason, but if something happens I guess I can just replace them again. Hope it won’t come to that, however.

The thing is that I ended up there with a small amount of money on me and considered using them to pay for the difference and get the next model instead, as I tried them on and they definitely felt comfortable and also seemed quite a bit sturdier, but they were slightly heavier as well and the insoles didn’t seem any more likely to stay in place. So I eventually decided against that and ended up going to the same place I managed to get a pizza from the first time, using those money to buy another one, sort of as a way to offer myself a reward for managing something that required interacting with people, albeit one requiring me to interact with people even more. Which makes this the third time I managed to get myself a pizza.
Though it likely helped me get over the moment of shock I experienced when I got back and it actually hit me that I interacted with people not once but twice, I do feel rather bad about it, since I spent money on something that wasn’t necessary. Worse, there’s one thing I’m running out of, as Monday when I went to buy some things I decided against getting some more. But I guess I’ll make do with what I have or even do without for a few days, since I definitely don’t want to ask for any more money for at least a week after this unnecessary expense. If anything, this may make me feel somewhat less bad about the pizza, I guess…

Otherwise, just managed to finish the fifth Modern Times scenario earlier today, so I now have three days to finish the sixth if I’m to do so by the end of the week, since I don’t plan to start it today. Playing may actually help me worry slightly less about the fact that Emsisoft has been behaving oddly recently, seeming to have some strange update issues today, likely as a result of them consolidating the last year’s worth of daily signature files for their own engine, possibly at least in part because I have program updates on the “delayed” setting and they may have forgotten to also do this properly for the version those who have this setting are on. Hope it won’t mean I’ll need to switch to the “stable” setting again to have it fixed, because I heard that, though it has since been fixed, their most recent supposedly stable release was initially anything but and, since that option exists, I definitely don’t care to automatically get the latest version immediately either way.


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