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End of Season: Kasai at 502, Prevc at 15, 22 and 2303

Since the ski jumping season’s last competition took place today and I wrote a post mentioning the records set on Thursday, I just want to quickly follow up with the final numbers. Those are 502 Ski Jumping World Cup competition appearances for Noriaki Kasai and 15 wins, 22 podiums and 2303 points obtained during a Ski Jumping World Cup season for Peter Prevc. Something I didn’t mention in that previous post is that Prevc had actually tied the previous record for podium finishes during a season on Thursday, so he’s been holding it since Friday, when he finished second.
Guess there’s little more to say about Prevc, who dominated this season so completely, winning the Ski Jumping World Cup by a huge margin and adding to it the titles of Four-Hills Tournament winner, Ski Flying World Champion and Ski Flying World Cup winner. Definitely took his revenge for last year, when Severin Freund took the overall title by the slimmest margin, both of them earning 1729 points over the course of the season but Freund having more victories. Freund was second overall this year, but with a mere 1490 points compared to Prevc’s 2303.
As for Kasai, he once again proved that he’s still one of the best despite his age, not that he needs to do so. In fact, he was just short of adding some more days to the record for oldest podium finisher in a Ski Jumping World Cup competition, finishing the first round in third place but then ending up fourth at the end, 1.2 points, so exactly one meter if everything else would have been equal, behind Johann Andre Forfang, whose second jump was the day’s longest, at 245 meters. The overall results were somewhat worse than at the end of the previous two seasons, finishing eighth overall and fifth in the Ski Flying classification this time around while in 2015 he was sixth and fourth and in 2014 fifth and second, but then you have to go all the way back to 2004, when he was also eighth, to find him in the top ten overall again.


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