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Checked Off the List: Ten Kilometers on Next to No Sleep

Checked a little test off the list today, running ten kilometers on the track during that free hour left, between 7 and 8 AM, after they resurfaced it. This meant waking up at 6:15 AM, so getting about half an hour of sleep, maybe up to 45 minutes at best, in the morning, after about an hour and a half split in two last evening and some four hours last morning, before the power drill and sledgehammer concert started. And on an apple and half a Snickers bar eaten before going out.
Target was to stay under 55 minutes, considering the 54:43 managed when I ran the same distance through the park, and I cut it about as close as possible, the stopwatch showing 54:59.96 at the end! Lap times were extremely constant though. Took me a few to settle, needing to make myself slow down a bit after covering the first in 1:59, then to speed up a little after seeing 2:15 and then 2:20 for the next two, but then I maintained an average of 2:12, give or take two seconds per lap, until the tenth, as I had 21:58 at that point, so two seconds faster than a 2:12 average, which two seconds come from those first three laps. After that, I don’t recall any under 2:12 anymore, but stayed between 2:12 and 2:14, the latter being the time in most cases, until lap 20, when I believe I had 44:11, though I’m not absolutely sure anymore.
Did get a little nasty towards the end, and I recall it was 46:26 after 21 laps and 50:56 after 23. Not sure if it was also 48:41 after 22, but either way, and assuming that 44:11 is correct, these three laps were covered in 2:15 each, maybe give or take a second. Each of them felt harder than the last though, especially knowing I couldn’t yet go into the reserves I was saving for the end, but that 50:56 meant I couldn’t afford another lap at that pace, so used as much as I dared on lap 24, covering it in 2:05, and then whipped myself during the last one, or at least on the straights, just managing the 1:58 I needed to achieve the goal. Which also meant I was out the gate at exactly 8:00 AM, as I started running at 7:05 AM. Not that anybody seemed about to drag people away from there, but just to be sure.

Otherwise, no, that review quite clearly isn’t coming this week, as I couldn’t even manage to persuade myself to open a file and try to start writing it so far. And for some reason I started playing Flight of the Amazon Queen yesterday despite having no interest in adventure games. Glancing at a guide when I get stuck, as I pretty much just want to be able to say I completed another game in a few days and feel better about probably taking the rest of the year to once again try to finish Hordes of the Underdark and keep trying to win a King of Dragon Pass long game, which will involve starting over, probably more than once.


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