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Finishing Flight of the Amazon Queen and Changing Running Program

Since the previous post covered only Saturday’s planting, I’ll actually be starting this one with last Thursday, when I went to have a look at a book fair. Only saw something stating that it was taking place those days the night before and decided to just check it off the list, going there without planning or being able to buy anything, as I didn’t have money on me.
May have actually spent more time trying to find it than looking at what was there, since the location had changed from previous years and I remembered the floor wrong, so looked all over the one I thought it was on and then, after turning around along with a few others who seemed to also be searching for it when we reached a wall, went back down while they seemed to have figured it out, since they went up. Worse, though I could have left by the same door I entered that shopping center through, since I had spotted something advertising the fair when going in, I left by another and then went in the other direction, going all around before finally making my way back to that first door and getting the right information. But that was the idea, sort of, since I knew I was only going to glance very quickly at a few things and, after walking there, didn’t care to just walk right back after only a few minutes.

Moving on to Saturday, since we were back in Bucharest so early, I decided to have a look at another fair then instead of Sunday. This one is focused on science fiction and fantasy, also including comic books, board games and a few other things, but I was only interested in the actual books, so it probably took me even less to have a look, since few publishers and shops take part. May have been one more publisher than last year, when I first heard of this fair, not sure, but this on-line bookstore I usually buy from also attended this year, so I’d have probably found the books I recently bought from them cheaper there, but I didn’t know they’ll attend at the time. One of the activists was once again there as well, after first bumping into him last year, since he has older books to sell, among other things.
Got there with slightly less trouble than I thought I’ll have though, since they had also changed their location and I hadn’t even tried to memorize the address, assuming we’ll be back in Bucharest too late and I’ll be too tired. But I did remember the metro station I should get off at and then thought I recalled the street it was on, so I simply kept walking on it until I finally found the place. The actual fair was on the fourth floor, but there was a sign on the door and then sheets of paper stating the floor you were on and that you still had a little to go until the fourth as you went up the stairs. And then I even managed to cut through the city reasonably well and reach the metro stop that’s one away from mine on foot, which was something I recall trying once before and getting all confused.

Monday I ran again, and this is pretty much planned as my last run on the usual route and focused on speed for quite some time, so I meant to smash the record. And, in spite of Saturday’s effort and lack of sleep and my rear end acting up again just before leaving for that run, I definitely managed that, the total time being 19:51, so 30 seconds better. New records for the second and third intermediate times as well, 9:27 and 15:12, respectively, so beating the previous ones by 17 or 18 and 32 or 33 seconds, respectively, since I was saying I may have gotten a bit confused then. The record of 4:18 at the first intermediate point remains, however, as Monday I got there in 4:27.
Then, in spite of quite a lot more blood when I had to go again Monday night and a little more again today after waking up, I stuck to my plan and ran again today, this time covering two laps, so about 6.4 kilometers. The target was 35 minutes, but I managed 33:37 without exactly tiring myself, as I kept my pace quite well in check. Since I remember all intermediate times as well, those were 4:50, 10:34, 17:09, 22:03 and 27:31, respectively, meaning that I covered the second lap in 16:28. Now I’m expecting my rear end will be even less happy with it, since effort doesn’t exactly help with healing and I took somewhat less care lately anyway, which is probably why it happened in the first place, but I’m accepting those consequences at the moment and plan a particularly long run next week, depending on the weather and how I’ll feel.

And this evening I managed to finish Flight of the Amazon Queen as well, so at least I have a second separate game finished this year. Tend to count it as third, since I consider Tropico 4: Complete DLC Pack as the second, since it contains a total of 22 missions, and the original Tropico 4 campaign with its 20 missions as the first, but the point is that I added something else to that list. And I checked a guide less than I thought I will, despite just wanting to rush through it.


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