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Unless I’ll skip ahead from where the previous post left off, I don’t see how I’ll manage to post much of anything this week, so I’ll leave what I did for the rest of the day after the half marathon and how I felt after that for some other time and skip straight to Saturday, May 21, which was the first time I went out after that run, to a “fair” of NGOs taking place in Herastrau Park. Proved to have been for no reason, made even worse by the fact that I was sort of thinking of attending a debate scheduled for 10 AM, so I slept very little in order to be there on time and then pretty much ended up wandering around until about 11:30 AM, deciding to not even try to attend anything else, obviously not showing enough interest in anything to be approached and eventually heading back with just wasted time and sleep. Headed back on foot too, after taking the metro to get there.

Otherwise, since I spent a week and a half just with dad and he was out most of the time, I poked around the kitchen for quite a while and, on top of the usual stuff, I also tried to cook two things for the first time. One was Sunday, May 22, when I cooked some rice with mushrooms, which I then had to drain since I guess I had put too much water and then also noticed that not putting in salt makes it taste odd even for me, though despite liking to munch on salty things I often skip salt in food and think that what my parents cook has far too much. The other I’m pretty sure was the following Sunday, when I found some fusilli in a drawer and decided to cook some of that, and what I mixed in there, which included the probably half a serving of peas that were left, made the result better than I was expecting. Was quite quick too, so I may well do that again now.

Moving on, the first run after the half marathon was Monday, May 23, when I once again ran on the seven-kilometer route used for those two roughly timed runs. There was some work being done again in the spot I had to go around when I had to abort a run due to my watch stopping, but this time only towards the lake, so could use the path immediately behind the fenced area and therefore lost less time than then, though it was probably still a matter of about ten seconds in sector two of each lap.
Was quite difficult to get going at first, feeling quite exhausted for about half a lap before something finally started clicking back in place. In fact, after first being uncertain whether I’ll go for seven kilometers or return to what used to be the usual 4.1 and deciding that I’ll do the latter if I’ll be fast enough, by which I meant completing a lap in around 16 minutes, I quickly started wondering whether I shouldn’t stick to that shorter route simply because I was too slow and tired, covering the first two sectors of the first lap in 4:54 and 5:52, respectively. But then, as I said, things got better, I managed a third sector in 6:13, making for 16:59 for the first lap, then the second lap was covered in 16:19, with sector times of 4:34, 5:30 and 6:15, respectively. Add 3:06 for that final section, including the slope, and the total time was 36:24.
That meant I could consider aiming for a time under 36 minutes if I won’t need to go around that area again, and that was what I did this Tuesday, when I also started much better and managed a 35:44. Covered the first lap in 16:29, with sector times of 4:48, 5:20 and 6:21, respectively, then the second in 16:13, with sector times of 4:43, 5:22 and 6:08, respectively, and that final section in 3:02. Seemed that I ran just about as late as possible to get a first proper time on this actual route though, as there was a truck slowly backing towards that area where work was being done before just as I was passing through it the first time, and then it was stopped right there on the second lap, with something already placed to block what was left of the path around it. A worker also shouted at me to go around as I approached, but they hadn’t actually closed off the entire area yet, so I just went around the blocked path, taking a few steps on the unpaved bit between the path and the lake before returning to the path once past the truck.

Going back a bit, I was curious enough to attend a meeting announced by the sector’s mayor just across the road on May 28. One of many, of course, since the elections are Sunday and he seems to have scheduled a few of these per day as part of the campaign, with announcements posted at the entrances of all buildings in the area. Other candidates couldn’t legally do something like this, or so I’ve been told when I also attended a meeting with the one I support for this sector the next day, but obviously he doesn’t care and has over 50% in polls either way. Still, I was there to see both what he had to say and what the people will say, finding that I had probably around half the average age of those present, likely no more than about 10% being under 50. There were a few who were quite angry and showed it, but a few others seemed very satisfied with him and vocal about it. The rest had specific grievances they wanted him to solve, but the impression I was left with was that they’ll vote for him again either way.
That sure showed the contrast between this bubble created by social media and most of those who actually vote, once again revealing the reason why the old parties and figures keep winning despite the wave of discontent, everything that keeps being revealed about them and all the people who claim they don’t know anyone voting for them. And that other meeting I mentioned above showed it as well, since in spite of the support one can believe exists for Nicusor Dan and his party, heading towards 20% in the polls and being backed by most activists, their candidate for this sector was pretty much ignored at first, volunteers barely managing to direct a few people towards her as she could easily have one-on-one conversations lasting several minutes with each.
Admittedly, I was the second person talking to her and then left, so I’m not sure what happened later, but I doubt it was too different and both she and the volunteer I talked to admitted that they have serious problems in this sector and all they can hope for is to obtain the 5% needed to enter the council. True, the number of people she said they aim to have on the council would require more than 10%, but when she realized that she admitted it’ll be very difficult, mentioning 7% as a more realistic target and again pointing out that even the 5% would be a good start, considering how in control the current mayor is.

And I guess I’ll stop here, since I didn’t finish what was started Wednesday and this is, and took, long enough already. Decided to read another one of those ebooks grabbed for free some time ago this week and it’s short, so despite reading little each day and not at all yesterday, I should easily finish it by the end of the week and the quick review for it will be this week’s second post. No idea when I’ll finally get around to how I felt after that half marathon or what’s going on now. Not that it matters.


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