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Don’t Live a "Normal Life"

No. Just refuse. Don’t go through formal education, don’t get a job, don’t get married, most definitely don’t have children, don’t rent your home, don’t share it with others unless they’re the people you absolutely want to live with no matter what, don’t take loans, don’t use credit cards, don’t buy a car, don’t watch TV to turn your brain off, don’t ignore what’s uncomfortable, don’t allow superficial matters to cover the deeper issues, don’t “live in the now”, definitely don’t try to be happy when life doesn’t actually give you great reasons to be, don’t… Hell, just don’t do what you’re “supposed” to.
Change the whole world if you can, invent, innovate, educate yourself and seek guidance from individuals you truly respect, have committed relationships based on whatever rules and models you and the others involved can agree on or stay single, say “fuck it” and live alone in the woods or who knows where, or put together a small sustainable community somewhere, win the lottery or find a rich relative to inherit from or rob a fucking bank if you can get away with it, definitely make your parents do their duty if they decided to throw you into this world and ensure you’ll be properly provided for not only until but also long after their very last breath, sit on your hands in the middle of the road and just refuse to get up, stick to cash, set money aside over time for bigger purchases, focus on the bigger picture and on what seems to get buried, keep your mind on the possibilities of the future or live in the past or both, overthink and overanalyze, be depressed and show it unless you have every reason not to be, take yourself out of the game even if it means wasting away, kill yourself, go on a fucking killing spree first if you must and can target it somewhat right. Or even if not.
May even be better to excel in evil instead of just being another little cog in their machine, another little mindless drone hurting all those who dare to strive for something different, for something better, perhaps even more by your inaction than those who directly harm do by their actions. If you strive to do something different, you may be wrong, you probably will be wrong, and you probably will harm, but if you don’t then you definitely are wrong, and definitely do harm. This life, this society, it’s all wrong and dreadful and needs to go in order for another to arise in its place, and that can’t happen as long as people continue to accept or merely tolerate it, whether they agree with any of it or they don’t or, most likely, they just don’t think about it.


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