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Not Another "New Finds" Post…

Was thinking that this week’s second post will be another one in the “New Finds” series, since Stonelight had actually caught my attention and they just released their album yesterday, so I meant to start with that. However, after going through the other recent finds this evening I found that I just couldn’t get myself to put any of them in such a post, whether because they didn’t sound interesting enough at another quick listen now, because the genre is somewhat different and suitable for a certain mood I’m not in at the moment, or because they only have two or even a single song posted, either giving me no choice or making it impossible to do what I usually do and link to two songs per band. Not that I didn’t include bands with very little material in such posts before, but didn’t feel like doing it now, and then also quickly gave up on the attempt to go through older additions to the list and see if I could find something else I’d care to write about now. What’s more, I then also actually listened to Stonelight’s album and found nothing interesting other than what had already caught my attention out of what they had put up earlier and rather lost interest in one of those as well.

That leaves me trying to quickly post something here before midnight to have a second post this week and also avoid a Sunday update, though I had hoped I’ll do without a personal update this week and in fact there’s not that much to say. The one thing I may mention may be that I noticed that the left side of my headphones is coming apart again and meant to glue it back together today but didn’t, so hoping it won’t fall apart completely before I actually will get around to it. Also hoping I’ll manage to fix them well enough again, since there’s likely no way for me to get anything for quite some time to come, having to give up even on the hope for another order of books by the end of the year and now discarding the idea of even getting another cheap game during the current GOG.com sale.
Other than that, this time when the month’s Windows updates came I manually installed the security-only bundle, no longer risking the full one available through Windows Update as I did last month, and things seem fine even if I saw audit failures logged for two of the files when they were unpacked, though the fact that there were no other such notifications when they were actually installed leads me to believe it for some reason rushed to check them before registering the new information and therefore checked the new versions against the old ones. May also mention that Thursday Emsisoft decided to update the delayed branch, which I’m on, but that it didn’t require a reboot even if it was a major update and I’m not noticing any new problems, though the logging issues haven’t been fixed either.

As for running, ran twice this week. Monday I managed 34:56, with sector times of 4:34, 5:22, 6:00, 4:39, 5:18, 6:10 and 2:53, making for lap times of 15:56 and 16:07. Yesterday was slightly better, 34:44, with sector times of 4:32, 5:16, 6:07, 4:37, 5:08, 6:07 and 2:57, making for lap times of 15:55 and 15:52. Like how times under 35 minutes are normal now, and also found it interesting that Monday’s run was the third out of what at the time were the last seven with the exact same time, but that may not last as the conditions will worsen, my concern about that also being the reason why I wanted to add to the buffer now, which should be at three at the moment unless I forgot something. There will be weeks when I won’t run over the winter, so I need to be able to “afford” it.


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