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Getting Rather Cold for Running…

Not sure it was the best idea to wait until today for this week’s run, since it was quite cold, the reported temperature being 6°C, but on the other hand it was sunny and only noticed some wind at the very start, while on previous days the reported temperature may have been a few degrees higher but it was cloudy and there was some noticeable wind. Either way, while it didn’t feel particularly cold once I got going, obviously with my jacket just rolled up and tied around my waist, it was a bit of a struggle and there was something of a cramp in my left leg for most of the second lap, followed by some pain in both legs after I was done. And it won’t get better from now on, so I’ll need to see how to pick my way through this second winter and when to make use of my buffer so I won’t be behind, or at least no more than a couple of weeks behind, in March.
Still managed to just barely stay under 35 minutes though, even if I had to both take a somewhat tactical approach and really push, at least starting with sector two of lap two, for it. The time was 34:58, with sector times of 4:39, 5:20, 6:08, 4:35, 5:13, 6:01 and 3:02, making for lap times of 16:07 and 15:49. Lost a couple of seconds on the first sector when a tiny dog charged my legs, but even so that time was quite worrying, but at least it acted as an early warning that allowed me to work out a suitable approach from then on.

Otherwise, been down, scared and angry, mostly for the usual reasons but also for a couple of new ones. Don’t feel like posting about any of it though, even if one reason for anger made me wander around for a while yesterday, after dropping off the recyclables. And no, still don’t feel like posting about the tooth situation either, so this is pretty much here just so I’ll have something posted this week and now that I decided I won’t be going anywhere tomorrow, waiting until then would have made me feel like I should write more and I don’t care to. Right now, I really have to get back to reading The Joined Realm, since I’m just barely on pace to finish it by the end of the week and at this point I’m wondering how I’ll finish it early enough on Sunday to also post a quick review by midnight.


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