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Driftmoon, Tooth, Shoes, Pants and People Still Coming Over

Seems that I stayed in the mood to see what games I have that I can actually finish even after finishing Torchlight, because Sunday I installed Driftmoon and I think I’m close to the end by now, and in fact I was there since Thursday night, since yesterday and so far today I didn’t play at all. And I’m guessing I’ll actually be trying to write a review for this one after I’ll finish it, so let’s see if I’ll manage that next week. Can say right now that it’ll include the words “they have the right to make a Christian game and I have the right to hold it against them”, but otherwise it is indeed charming and the other references make it interesting from another point of view as well.

Moving on, the permanent crown was put on my tooth Wednesday, and they actually made one fully coated in ceramic, and without charging more than for the partial one. As I was saying then, it was strange when I heard the dentist tell the assistant to request a partial one when she hadn’t even offered it as an option, but when I went there now I had this one put in and she said she felt sorry for me to be so young and have metal visible in my mouth already, and I was so easy to work with too, so she decided to make me a gift this way. Now if I think of the discounts I thought I should have gotten for the work done before this point and which weren’t applied, the difference comes to pretty much the same as the difference between what was paid and the discounted price for this crown, as she had listed it in the plan she sketched for me and dad at first, but it was a really nice thing to do nevertheless, and prevented me from feeling awfully rotten about it, as I was getting ready to.
But that somewhat positive feeling didn’t last long at all, as when I ate that night I felt pain in the lower right side, where the first dentist said she had seen something. Since this one didn’t mention it anymore, I assumed it had perhaps been some stain or something which had fooled the first one, but now that doesn’t seem likely. What’s much worse, however, is that the next night I also felt pain in the upper left side, so right where this tooth that had all the work done on it is. And it was a different sort of pain, sharper and deeper, rather like something’s touching something it shouldn’t touch, but still only triggered by cold, as eating something that’s not cold, even chewing toast or crackers, doesn’t hurt at all.
Considering that pierced root and the fact that they stressed they make no guarantees it won’t get infected and need either an operation that sounds awful or, if not caught quickly enough, removing the tooth and wasting all the work and money just spent on it, I just don’t even want to think of the possibility and keep looking for other explanations. And some are available, because at first that pain seemed to me to come from the tooth before that one, which isn’t that surprising in fact, since the work done in the area may have caused the filling in it to come loose or otherwise once again touch something in the way that made it hurt for months after the last time work was done on it, plus that the permanent crown leaves a bit more space between those teeth and therefore that filling may now move if that is the case. And it often still seems like that one is the cause, but I don’t know how much of that is wishful thinking and either way have been largely avoiding cold stuff since then, the one notable exception being when I took really cold water in my mouth after waking up yesterday and, strangely, felt no pain there at all, but instead on both lower right and lower left. And in the lower left I noticed something that seems to be a chipped tooth which may be caused by the crown, being harder and pressing onto it. But that sharper and deeper pain when eating something cold is definitely different and from the upper side… So at this point I’m rather waiting and hoping it’ll somehow sort itself out, because I don’t even want to think about it going so wrong right away.

Either way, getting back to Wednesday, after the tooth work was done, I went out to look for shoes and pants. The one pair of shoes I have other than the running shoes and the boots I’m wearing these days are just about falling apart and have been for years, and glue could only go so far, then one of the two pairs of regular pants I have are pretty much in a similar condition, so worn that in certain areas there are holes that would be difficult to fix, and perhaps impossible to do so properly, and the other pair of pants, purchased two years ago to at least have some sort of alternative to those other ones, is way too large, so I had to start wearing a belt to keep them on me and they sure look weird. So, as much as I dread new clothes and changing what I have, I eventually had to give in and had a look now that the discount period supposedly started. Not that it was the first time I looked, hardly, but now I was quite set on actually buying something and eventually I did, after checking several places and, after picking up a few other things as well, only getting back late in the evening and therefore also not knowing until then that there had been a quite significant protest that evening, though I was made aware that something may be happening when a guy asked me in another metro station whether it was true that there was a protest at Unirii.
But, back to the purchases, I’m of course feeling thoroughly rotten about it, highly uncertain about the shoes and worried both that my feet will smell in them and, more importantly, that they won’t last, even more so after my mother pointed out one area where they will very likely get quickly and visibly damaged when I showed them to her, and also wondering how I’ll feel in these pants, since they’re not the kind I’ve been wearing when going out for so many years, because I couldn’t find any quite like that and decided to go with something a fair bit different in other ways instead of something with just one notable difference I particularly wanted to avoid. Plus, the color sure seems to come out, and after being soaked for a while now there are some areas where it came out more, so they look unpleasant.
But I guess it is what it is now, and if I won’t actually be using the shoes for a while, the pants will replace those destroyed ones soon enough, when I’ll next have these large ones I’m wearing now washed. While I’m pretty sure the shoes were bought in late 2007, or at least no earlier than that, I’m even more certain I had these pants since before meeting Andra, possibly years before, and for most of that time they were actually the only ones I went out in, so I guess the poor things deserve a “retirement” by now… Even if I still hate it. Really, really hate it.

And yes, people have still been coming over, for the same reason. Twice again this week, Tuesday and yesterday, and dad didn’t even let me know in time about Tuesday, only leaving a note on the kitchen table that I found after I woke up that afternoon saying they’ll come in a few hours. So I stayed here then, hoping I won’t need to go to the bathroom before they’ll leave so I won’t risk bumping into anyone, but yesterday I went out again. Not for a walk, even if it is winter and it’s rather nice, but just took out the recyclables and then went to a nearby mall, spent time in two bookstores, then in two IT and electronics stores, then wandered around the hypermarket that’s also there, eventually picking up a few more things with what little money I had left on me.
Since he said they should leave at 8:30 PM, I said I’ll be out of there at that time in order to get back around 9 PM, hoping that will be safe, but he also sent me a message at 8:45 PM to let me know they left, so at least it worked out this time in that way. But the very fact that people keep coming over is awfully draining and I sure hope it’ll stop happening, and I did tell him how I feel because of it and he said something about having already started looking for other options for their rehearsals so they’ll only come here when they’ll really have to. No idea when those other places will start being used though, and them coming here at all is definitely not what I signed up for, if I may use the term. Even if I’ll feel even more rotten for wasting money in such a manner, when it next happens I may ask him for some to go get myself a pizza or watch a movie or both, see what happens then.


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