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2017 Life Rating Update

Saw that I had posted and shared the result I got three years ago at the time and it seemed like a decent amount of time had passed to take this again. Expected an improvement in body score, a drop in spirit and finance, and a more or less similar mind score, though of course that’s how it feels and not necessarily how this little test was going to reflect the situation.

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: Life 3.2
Mind: Mind 2.9
Body: Body 6.1
Spirit: Spirit 2.9
Friends/Family: Friends/Family 0.9
Love: Love 0
Finance: Finance 2.4
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Like I was saying above, how it feels isn’t necessarily reflected in the score here. Body score is the same as three years ago, mind supposedly improved, by 0.9 points, though I can’t quite figure out what answers caused that to happen, just spirit and finance scores dropped as expected. However, it seems that the overall score is either calculated based on other factors as well or the weights are very different, because with an improvement of 0.9 points, coming solely from the mind score, and a drop of exactly one point, adding the 0.4 from spirit and the 0.6 from finance, I nevertheless ended up with an overall life rating that’s 0.2 points higher than it was three years ago. Not much of a change, but still, how did it decide that my mental state improved, and by such a margin too, from 2.0 to 2.9?


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