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Quick Review: The Final Empire

Was a bit worried when I started reading this, but I shouldn’t have been, as it really is good epic fantasy. Though this rather tends to keep away that, well, “magical” atmosphere that some other works in this genre have, having such a clear and clearly explained magic system is interesting as well, and this system is rather different from what you may expect, which also goes for certain particular plot twists. But that atmosphere probably wouldn’t have fit anyway, as overall The Final Empire is gritty and somewhat grim despite the occasional humor. Wouldn’t call it dark though.
There are some too fortunate events here and there and the characters may occasionally get away with more than they should, but until part five this is all quite fine. However, said part five does rather push it, seeming somewhat rushed and chaining together such a series of fortunate events and shockingly positive developments that tends to go too far. One crucial shockingly positive development in particular sure made me roll my eyes and shake my head…

Rating: 4/5


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