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Spare Mouse and Struggling to Read

The weather’s been weird this week, with low temperatures, rain, wind, and even sleet and snow. Quite a lot of snow in other parts of the country, but here what little of it fell couldn’t settle despite temperatures around or even slightly below freezing at night, since it was otherwise wet. Tuesday was quite all right though, despite being chilly, so I took the opportunity to run, the time being 51:52. Sector times were 4:34, 5:25, 6:22, 4:45, 5:28, 6:25, 4:58, 5:33, 6:29 and 1:53, making for lap times of 16:21, 16:38 and 17:00. And I actually struggled to manage even that.
There was some weaving involved, plus one moment when I had to avoid a cyclist almost crashing into a child who got right in the way, and another when a kid on a skateboard almost crashed into me, seeming unable to control his direction while coming towards me and ending up right in my path as I stopped for a couple of seconds to let him choose which way to go. But the bigger problem was the fact that I was feeling out of breath, quite clearly because I was just recovering from the cold and had been spending a fair amount of time blowing and spitting stuff out.

The weather started clearing this afternoon, so after the light rain stopped and I even saw some sun outside, I went to drop off the recyclables, grab some oranges and then pick up a spare mouse I had ordered earlier this week, from a shop I never had anything to do with before, though I see they’ve been around for ten years. They sold it for a good 30% less than it’d have been if purchased from the importer, and about half the price it’s available at in other stores, despite some saying it’s on sale at the moment, so even wondered whether it was some sort of mistake and they’ll tell me that’s the wrong price, but I guess not.
It’s a very simple thing, has no skates, so feels like the bottom scratches against the pad, which has a hard surface, and the scroll wheel feels rather wobbly and has nothing on it to improve grip, so clicking it as middle button without also moving it up or down is somewhat difficult. But it cost all of 11.66 RON ($2.75, €2.57), the size is decent enough, not one of those small ones, and the main reason I looked at it is that it comes with a five-year warranty, so I’ll feel safe keeping it as a spare for quite a long time and maybe feel ever so slightly less apprehensive about opening up the Kone XTD to see what I can do about the double clicking. May even use it while playing games that don’t make use of anything more than the basic buttons, especially since what I may be playing now is turn-based, so the fact that it’s slower due to the system mouse speed setting being used for both, the Kone XTD’s settings not applying a separate one to that one, won’t make much of a difference.

And not that I have any idea what the second will be, other than perhaps a quick one feeling sorry for myself again, just thrown here to stick to the number, but now that I finally wrote one post this week, let me get back to reading. Started The Well of Ascension Monday and barely finished the first part last evening. 120 pages in four days, half of them yesterday, as it was barely 20 per day until then, and so far today I just read one more chapter before going out, so at this point I’m far from even managing to finish it in two weeks, which would also mean by the end of the month. And I really wanted to finish it next week, preferably even before Sunday, so I’ll be sure I’ll have the quick review for it as that week’s second post and also have it clearly recorded that I managed to catch up on the year’s target as well, finishing the fourth book by the end of the fourth month.


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