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Read Enough, Went Out Twice, But to No Events

Was saying I’ll likely throw another quick post here just to have two this week, and this is it. Won’t quite be feeling sorry for myself in it though, because at least I just about managed to catch up on reading. Still a few pages short of where I should be right now, but less than a chapter and just finished part two, so I’ll call it enough for the moment. And I went out twice today, sort of watched parts of two matches and napped through a part of one, so it’s not like I just struggled to read, quite the contrary, feeling like it took a bit of effort to stop now. So I’m caught up in it again, which is unsurprising. Just needed a bit of time I guess.

As for going out, when I came back yesterday I saw some advertisements for another fair in this park nearby and meant to have a look, but didn’t want to head in that direction then, so went back out today, right after waking up. There was nothing to see though, and the fact that I also can’t find anything about it on-line makes me question what I saw yesterday, so it’s quite odd. Considering the fact that it should have started Thursday and the weather only cleared yesterday afternoon, and there’s still a fair amount of wind, it is possible that they canceled it, but that won’t explain the lack of information. In fact, it makes it even stranger.
Either way, after coming back I found out that the cats needed food, or more exactly a particular kind, as they refuse others, and dad couldn’t go buy more today, so even though I had just changed, I changed again and went to get said food, which is a first for me. Not that I couldn’t find that particular type, not for adults at least, so sent my mother a message with what kinds were available and she told me to buy the one with those same listed types of meat but for kittens instead of adult cats, which was what I did. Now whether they’ll eat it or not is not my problem. And yes, grabbed a couple more things while I was there too, including whole wheat fusilli, which I couldn’t find elsewhere so far, not made in Romania at least, and which I want to have before next month’s half marathon.

As for the events mentioned in the title, didn’t see anything else organized here for Earth Day in particular, but there was a cleaning of Vacaresti Nature Park scheduled for today, organized by some from the same group that organized the tree planting and also mentioning the fact that it’s Earth Day, but dad seems to have lost the metro card and didn’t get another yet, so getting there would have been a problem, and either way I didn’t quite feel up to working like that on next to no sleep again right now. On the other hand, there was also a cleaning of a part of a nearby park that can’t legally be maintained by the authorities, but it also started quite early and I would have felt uncomfortable with going either way, considering that there were likely to be very few participants and most of them, if not all, members of USR, as they’re organizing it.


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