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Switched Site to HTTPS

Just leaving a quick note that I switched the site to HTTPS as of today, so in case somebody ends up here and notices any problems, let me know. This applies to all sections, so site index, blog and games played, as well as the fantasy art gallery. In case of the gallery, due to how the script used there works, HTTPS is now enforced, but other sections should work either way at the moment. Considering enforcing HTTPS everywhere eventually, to keep things clear, but not now and not sure if in the very near future, which means I may just forget about it.
When it comes to the blog, the switch also meant checking for posts with internal links and changing them so the protocol won’t matter anymore, and while I was at it I also spotted a few internal blog links that had the full instead of the relative path, so corrected those as well. Though I checked twice, hope I didn’t mess any up while doing that. And hope I didn’t mess anything up in general, of course. So, again, do let me know if anything seems odd, including any page or post except the “life rating” ones showing any warnings that any content is not secure, because that shouldn’t be the case. Shouldn’t be the case for those test results either, but the tiny images used for the colored bars can’t be obtained via HTTPS at the moment.


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