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The results of several studies related to romantic relationships have been released for Valentine’s Day and, while they generally only say things everybody already knows, I want to comment on one of them. It’s not the one about love blinding people, which received quite a bit of media attention, but one that supposedly shows that people find ways to love those they have a chance to be with.

Once again I find myself looking at those findings from a different angle than the researchers and coming to another conclusion. People who are generally considered the most attractive usually put time and effort (and money) into maintaining and even improving their looks. That obviously means they consider physical attractiveness to be important, obviously also making it an important factor when judging others. Thus rephrased, the study seems to say that people who consider looks to be important, consider looks to be important. Oh my, what a find!
But let’s move away from the study and towards the people for a moment. Knowing that the more physically attractive a person is, the more likely they are to rate a potential partner’s looks as more important than their personality, I would say this goes to show that very attractive people, on average, tend to be rather shallow. And the sad thing is that it’s quite obvious they’re not born that way, they become like that somewhere along the way.
Then again, shallowness tends to attract shallowness, especially when it manifests by putting physical attractiveness first. But the real problem is when a person that’s not shallow happens to fall in love with one that is, and then almost invariably have their heart broken.


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