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The Hero of Ages and Another Voucher Won

I was exhausted until a little while ago, thinking I won’t even be able to stay awake enough to watch the last set of the Murray – Wawrinka match, but then I did manage that and then went to help my mother with something, after which I found myself quite awake. Will crash again at some other time, of course, since I slept little all week and also pushed hard when I ran Monday and walked around a fair bit Tuesday, when I also “managed” to lose one of the two plastic bags I had been using for years, taking both out and unexpectedly managing to fit everything into one, then I guess forgetting to pick the other back up and only realizing it when I was already outside. It was quite worse for wear, torn in places, and I had been considering dumping it along with the recyclable plastic soon enough, but I guess things worked out differently.
Either way, at the moment it seems to work, I’m still awake enough, so here I am, after wasting some more time, trying to write this. Writing it today was the plan all along, but I didn’t think I’d manage, first because I meant to move things around and spray the rest of my room and then clean and move things back after wandering around outside for a while, and then, as I said, because I was too exhausted, meant to nap and then wanted to read later in the evening. But the rain, which even when I went to bed was supposed to end around noon and didn’t, meant I didn’t go out or spray, and feeling awake again means I can think well enough to post something here now and see about reading once I’m done.

Since I mentioned reading, yes, Monday I finally started The Hero of Ages and so far I’m just squeezing in enough late in the evening to be just on pace to finish in two weeks, though that’s definitely not the book’s fault. Wanted to sit and read more yesterday and didn’t, then thought I’d get at least a little more in today when it became clear I won’t be moving things and spraying and cleaning and going out, but now it looks like simply staying on that pace will be good enough. And since I’ll definitely need to somehow catch up on sleep soon enough and I’m also considering doing tomorrow what I meant to do today if the weather will allow it, it doesn’t look like things will be any different over the weekend.

On the other hand, since I mentioned purchasing yogurt “strategically” in order to participate in that brand’s contest, I should also mention that my strategy once again worked. Compared to the other brand’s contest, which I earned a fair bit in, I had to purchase each yogurt separately to get more receipts, which also led to me wandering around more than I would have done otherwise even though I could chain things together quite nicely, and also obviously ended up with one entry for three days of use instead of one per day, or two per day if I was also buying for dad back then, since I still bought the large ones now, plus that I lost even one of those entries due to that time when I had to run after being forced to interact and forgot the receipt. And on top of the far fewer entries, the chances were also halved because the number of daily prizes was halved. And I also wasted two entries because in this contest you’re notified of winning through an SMS sent later instead of a message displayed immediately, so I entered what I had and then learned the winning receipt was the second out of four.
But it was still an easy win, and this time it’s 150 RON. However, it’s in the form of a voucher which can only be used at the largest on-line store, and not for anything from their supermarket chain partner or for insurance. So not quite sure what to do with it at the moment, especially since this store is usually a fair bit more expensive than others, as otherwise I do have a list of things I want to get this year. But let me actually get the code first, since this morning I just got the call and sent the picture of the receipt as required, but didn’t get a reply yet and doubt I will over the weekend. And yes, waiting for that call was the reason why I slept poorly and little today, being worried I’ll miss it after missing the first one, yesterday, as after receiving the SMS yesterday morning and then not getting back to sleep in order to wait for the call, it came some five hours later, just when I had finally decided to go to the kitchen for a bit and not hearing my phone from there. So I guess it was the reason I slept poorly yesterday as well…

Either way, I’ll end this here, but not before also mentioning this week’s run, which I stated earlier was Monday. Being a free day here, there were plenty of people in the park, so I really had to pick my way through and push whenever I had the chance, which led to my right hip complaining a fair bit after that, but I managed to stay under 50 minutes again, which is quite an achievement under those circumstances. The time was 49:50, with sector times of 4:41, 5:19, 6:11, 4:40, 5:10, 6:07, 4:36, 5:15, 6:09 and 1:42, making for lap times of 16:11, 15:57 and 16:00.
At first I was thinking I was going to go for 16:20 laps, for 51 minutes, but getting that time on sector two of lap two without feeling that I had pushed quite so hard made me change the goal and I really gave it everything from then on, being worried I’ll fall just short until the very last moment… When I also noticed I managed a new record on that final sector, despite the fact that I even ran into a group of people just as I was going up the stairs and had to move from one side to the other while climbing and squeeze my way through. No idea how I managed that time under those circumstances.


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