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Power Outage, Library Books, Mouse Double Clicking Again

To get it out of the way, I ran today and the result was 50:28, which I definitely consider poor since this year’s half marathon. In fact, it was the first time I didn’t manage to stay under 50 minutes since then, the previous such situation being the last run before the half marathon, which was a 50:15 early in the morning, on very little sleep, and while needing to manage worse issues with my right leg than now, when just my hip was still complaining somewhat. It’s also my worst time since April, and that time I was still recovering from a cold and feeling out of breath, and the fact that it’s the worst final sector time since March shows it really was all I had. The distance walked yesterday may have had something to do with it, but normally it shouldn’t have, so I’m left with the fact that I slept little and poorly recently.
Back to the sector times, they were 4:43, 5:24, 6:09, 4:36, 5:12, 6:08, 4:42, 5:16, 6:22 and 1:56, making for lap times of 16:16, 15:56 and 16:22. Lap three and sectors one and three of it don’t reflect my actual pace because my right shoelace got untied twice, as I tied it back quickly in sector one and then it happened again in sector three, when I tried to do it more properly, but I’d say I lost ten seconds that second time and probably a bit less the first time, so even if also adding the little time lost trying to find my way through what appeared to be three groups of people coming from two directions and meeting right in front of me on that same sector one of lap three, it wouldn’t have been enough to stay under 50 minutes. And, again, it really was all I had, as at least since sector three of lap one I gave it everything, seeing how far behind the target pace I was.

Moving on, less than two and a half hours after I had posted the previous post, there was a power outage, a significant part of the city seeming affected. Not unexpected, considering the heat wave, but no less of a problem. And it lasted some two hours at first, then the power came back for a few minutes, then it failed again for a few more minutes, then it finally recovered for good and there were no more problems here since, though I think there was at least one other brief outage nearby that night. And it did show that my UPS is still doing well despite approaching three years, as between me napping when it happened, being woken up by it beeping and taking a bit to shut down the computer, and the computer taking a fair amount of time to shut down once the command was given, probably because it was trying to figure out why it had no Internet access anymore, it kept it running for some five minutes and didn’t complain of low battery. The ones I had before this one got to a low battery warning after some two minutes or even less soon after the two-year warranty they came with expired, and likely would have no longer worked at all by now.

After that, I waited out Saturday, which was the hottest day but which still didn’t bother me while staying inside, with window closed and blinds drawn until evening. I expected to at least feel somewhat uncomfortable, but it simply was not the case at all this time, and the highest temperature I saw reported by my CPU was 60°C, so there were no problems there either. And then the temperature was already several degrees lower on Sunday and Sunday evening some storms came, Monday had highs barely around 20°C, and it kept raining until Tuesday morning. And the forecast I’m seeing lists highs only around 30°C for the next two weeks, so even if I’m of course not expecting it to be particularly accurate for more than the next few days, it doesn’t seem like any more heat waves are coming during that time.

Getting to Tuesday, I had to return the book I had borrowed from the Library then, and I knew there was one that dad wanted to read for the projects he’s involved in and I saw on the site that I could pick it up from a branch that could be on the way, if I used another route to get back, so I asked him if he wanted it and then picked it up for him, since I’m the one who has a pass now. Sure hope he’ll take care of it though, because I’ll also be the one who’ll need to return it…
The problem was that a part of the return route was new to me, in the sense that, in two places, I knew where to start from and where I should arrive, but there was a section in between which, as far as I recall, I never walked on. And while the first time it all worked out just fine, before reaching the second such spot I somehow got the distinct feeling that I had walked too far and the larger intersection I could just spot in the distance was past the spot where I should have turned, which caused my mental map to flip around, making me certain that I had messed up quite some time before, going one way when I should have gone the other, because I knew I hadn’t passed by the intersection I was looking for. However, said intersection was just the one I could spot in the distance, so the fact that I went around, not even directly back the way I had come, until I had assured myself that I had walked the other way long enough to rule out the possibility of having turned the wrong way in the first place, only meant I added a 2.5-kilometer loop to my route before ending up just where I had started from. And that took the total distance covered on streets to some 16 and a half kilometers, according to Google Maps, to which some wandering around a farmers’ market, different from the one I recently bought things from, and a mall and the hypermarket in it, was added. Actually checked out two farmers’ markets, but the first was small and didn’t have anything to interest me, so it didn’t add much.

As for the last part of the title, yes, I’m just noticing my mouse double clicking again, so I guess oiling the top of the microswitch with just a little bit of cooking oil when neither me nor dad could open it properly to try to do more only gained me a little over a month. But it is something I guess, and I sure wish I’d have just tried slipping that matchstick through before dad damaged the area around that screw that won’t budge, making the mouse sit oddly and scratch the pad. But now let’s see if it’ll work again or this month was all I had before needing to take other, likely particularly expensive, measures, at a time when getting even a fraction of the money needed sure seems like it’ll be a huge problem. But at least for the next few days, I guess I’ll just be plugging the cheap spare mouse I got back in April back in and using it while playing, since I actually got back to Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic these days, and maybe also when selecting files I don’t want to open or launching programs I don’t want to risk launching twice, if it’ll get bad enough again too soon.


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