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Another Day with No Visits and Forgot to Mention a Fucked Up Dream

At least according to Google Analytics, yesterday my site got no visits again. Of course, that means no visits other than the bots it automatically eliminates and any people with JavaScript turned off or who block Analytics specifically, which I can’t know about by using that, and it may also be a case of a glitch causing it to not record visits, but it’s no surprise if true, considering how few and far between non-personal posts have been for so long, for example this one being the ninth personal one in a row. Not that such posts were being read, the vast majority of visits still coming to the same old ones, but in fact I had noticed a reduction in those visits lately as well, which may indicate that they dropped lower in the search results. On the other hand, noticed a strange increase in the number of visits to the site front page, as in not straight to the blog or to something in that little and I guess no longer maintained fantasy art gallery that I sure meant to do a lot more with quite a long time ago. There were even days, or at least one recent day that I clearly remember, when such visits, simply to the front page and nothing else, were the only ones recorded. And yes, by this I mean direct visits and a few legitimate referrals, since I quickly react to not only filter referral spam from the reports but also completely block access from those sites once they show up.
Back to the day with no recorded visits, the last time that happened was July 6, 2015. Before that, as mentioned in a post written at that time as well, it hadn’t happened since October 30, 2010, so not long after launching this site in its current location. Also checked again now and confirmed that, and also have the full list of days with no recorded visits during that period of time early in this site’s “history”, before October 30, 2010. That list contains September 24 and October 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 16, 20, 25, 26 and 28. So I can also add the fact that the last time I had two consecutive days with no recorded visits was on October 25 and 26, 2010. Wonder if that will change at some point as well. Seems somewhat unlikely in the relatively near future at least, but who knows.

Moving on, I realized I somehow forgot to mention something in the previous post and it’s probably weird enough to deserve a mention. I’m referring to a really fucked up dream I had when I napped during the afternoon on August 6, likely caused by how exhausted I was due to getting little sleep for some time. Don’t even know whether it was one dream or a series of dreams, nor whether I actually cried my eyes out in between or that was just part of the dream.
Specifically, I dreamed of watching a scene from a movie, which was also invented by my mind, then it appeared that I woke up and cried my eyes out, then I found myself lying there exhausted and wondering whether I had been crying my eyes out after a dream or had dreamed of crying my eyes out after a dream within a dream. Then, after waking up, I wondered whether that hadn’t also been a dream. I do know I dreamed about other things after that, but that doesn’t tell me whether I fell back to sleep or never woke up in the first place. So, in the most complicated scenario, we may be talking about dreaming of thinking about dreaming of crying over dreaming of a dreamed up movie scene, or more simply of a dream containing a dream containing a dream containing a dreamed up movie scene.
As for the movie scene in question, it was something about the Roman Empire, with Mel Gibson and Samuel L. Jackson among the actors and Morgan Freeman doing what you’d expect, namely the voice over. Remember a ship on a channel, about to pass under a bridge with mountains and cliffs on either side, and something said to a character about people getting what they deserve resulting in a deep and lengthy retort about how unfair life is and how hardly anything anyone gets or doesn’t get is deserved, be it good or bad, with examples. Nothing new of course, but it really struck me as powerful in the dream… Or the dream of a dream… Or the dream of a dream of a dream…

Otherwise, remembered when I woke up today that I meant to go to a free concert announced for last evening, in the park, and I somehow forgot all about it. Sure, wasn’t particularly keen, but after going out earlier anyway, to get a few things I needed before Monday with what little money I still had, thought I might as well check it out and then… It somehow completely slipped my mind at some point after I got back, so I ended up taking a nap when I should have been getting dressed again, waking up about half an hour after the announced start time and, as I already stated, not remembering it even then.

But at least I also finished the Mountain Clans campaign in Disciples today, and it sure seemed easy after that nasty Undead Hordes one. Not that the rest of that one’s final scenario wasn’t also easy after getting past that second, lesser, tricky moment I mentioned, which in fact only required me to temporarily abandon a city to the enemy, having my secondary hero and my banshee, which was also in the area, flee until my main hero could get back and wipe out the threat, which was the last notable one the enemy could send my way, the only problem after that being the final battle, which definitely required the use of everything I had and some strategy as well, the first, somewhat less careful, attempt resulting in my forces being wiped out.
Back to the Mountain Clans campaign, I could have easily finished it yesterday, after finishing the third scenario and starting the fourth and last one then as well. Unusually, this fourth scenario took me under 100 turns, 98 to be exact, to complete, and I could have finished it just before going to bed last night even after exploring and clearing out the entire map, which I wanted to do even after my main hero and his units had reached their maximum levels and he had already used all permanent potions, just in case some other interesting item would be hidden somewhere. But I left the final two battles for today because I wanted to still have time to read at least one more section of my story, which I barely managed even so.


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